About Us

Verillas is an alternative fashion company blending modern and renaissance fashion (Find our style on Instagram #ModRen).  Our style is meant for all genders and all walks of life.  Our Transcend Gender category is intended to make shopping easy for those outside binary gender expression lines. We blend in fantasy, pride, and post apocalyptic elements in some of our designs as well.  Our intention is to create every-day wear that makes you feel like you've put on armor against the difficulties you'll face today.  The strong lines and leather details we use are meant to inspire courage and individuality.  


The Verillas style also reaches in to garb for Renaissance Faires, Larp Couture, and Post Apocalyptic Fashion.  You can find our styles in modern Hollywood movies such as the Shannara Chronicles, Star Trek, and the newest Game of Thrones series as well as many more famous films.  Whatever festival you call home, our styles are meant to serve you through comfortable durability.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What are your kilts made of?

Most of our kilts are made with solid colors in 20oz 100% cotton, and tartans made of acrylic wool of various weights. Many of our kilts may have some poly-cotton blend in the attachment hardware of our pockets and in the hook-and-loop closure, and some alloy metal in the snaps on the pockets.

Some styles may involve other fabrics, leather, and metal. To be sure for the particular style you’re most interested in, please check out the materials list in the description of the listing, or ask us at


Do you offer smaller, larger, longer, or shorter kilts?

Yes! Our sizes  currently range from 2XS to 3XL and beyond, as we release new products in increasingly inclusive size ranges.  We also offer big and tall kilts of longer lengths, as well as a variety of shorter length kilts for shorter, or more femme presenting individuals.


What is the difference between the different lengths of kilts?

  • Length:

Our Standard length kilts are 23” long from the top of the belt line to the bottom hem. This length is generally best for people between 5’6” and 6’2” for a knee-length fit. Many gentlemen often prefer this length.

Our 25" and longer kilts are meant for particularly tall individuals and feature a standard waist shape.

Our Short length kilts are 19” long. This length is generally best for people shorter than 5’6” for a knee-length fit. Many ladies prefer this length.  These kilts also offer a tailored waist.

Our Mini length kilts are 15" long. This length is best for people who like moderately daring mini skirts and/or want to show off some leg! These kilts also offer a tailored waist.

Our Micro length kilts are 8-13” long, depending on size. This length is best for people who want to show off a lot of leg! These kilts also offer a tailored waist.

  • Lock Stitch Placement:

The “lock stitch” controls how far down from the top of the kilt the pleats are allowed to start freely hanging and flaring out.

Our 23” Standard length kilts have a low lock stitch. With a low lock stitch, the waist and hips measurement of the kilt are very similar, as is typical of many men.

Our 19” Short, 15” Mini, and 8-13” Micro kilts have a high lock stitch. With the high lock stitch, the pleats are allowed to flare out sooner, which allows for a smaller waist and larger hips such as is typical of many women.

  • Sizing Chart:

Our Versatta and Vanguard series kilt sizing chart is as follows:



**Marauder and other specialty kilts have their own sizing scale found on their product listings due to unique closures.


Short kilts are for everyone who wants to wear them, not just ladies! We have had many male customers order a 19" or shorter kilt to wear because they like the look better, and none of them have ever said they noticed a real difference between the two styles otherwise. They look and wear just like a regular men's kilt. The placement of the lock stitch is only noticeable if one does have large hips in comparison to one’s waist, like many ladies do.

That said, if you would like to order a “men's” style kilt with the lock stitch at the lower position in a shorter length, or vice versa with a longer kilt with a high lock stitch, please reach out to us at, we would be happy to discuss the possibility of a custom order when we resume making them in 2023.

If you want a shorter kilt with a higher lock stitch without the custom order wait, you could also purchase any 19" or shorter kilt and have a tailor local to you sew down the pleats at the top and lower the lock stitch that way.


How do I tell what kilt length I should get?

If you want a kilt that comes to about knee length, here is a very simple guideline. If you are between 5’6” and 6’2”, you should get the 23” standard length kilt. If you are shorter than 5’6”, you should get the 19” short length kilt.  If you are 6'2" or taller, please consider a 23" or 25" kilt length.

Here is a more detailed guide:

While it can be something of a matter of personal preference, usually a kilt hits just at the knee if you're looking for the classic look.

What length I'd recommend depends somewhat on how you intend to wear your kilt. Some people like the traditional look where the top of the kilt sits at the waist, at navel level. Others prefer a more modern wear, with the top of their kilts resting at hip level like a pair of jeans. To find out what length of kilt you should order, I would recommend that you determine where on your body you would like the top of the kilt to sit when worn, and then getting a friend's help to measure from that level of your body straight down to your knee (or wherever you want the kilt to end), in inches. The reason I recommend getting a friend to help is that if you're bent over checking the tape measure you might throw the measurement off. If this measurement is pretty close to 23", our standard 23” length kilts should work just fine for you. If this is closer to 19", our short 19” length kilts should work for you.

If you end up needing another length of kilt besides our two defaults, I have good news for you - we make all of our kilts ourselves and we're happy to make almost any of them as a special order so you can get exactly what you need if we don’t have your perfect length in stock! Please email with your request to find out more!


How does your kilt sizing work? What size should I get?

Our kilt sizing is generally formatted thusly:
Size (Inch Measurement at Belt) [US Pants Size]

The size is our own labeling across all of our kilts, and is consistent across our whole lineup, with the exception of our kilts specifically designed with ladies in mind, which are smaller. Please check the sizing progression for your preferred style of kilt before selecting your size!

The inch measurement at belt is the literal, actual inch measurement of the kilt at the waistband. You can use a tape measure to measure yourself around whatever level of your body you would like the top of your kilt to sit - waist, hips, or anywhere in between - and compare the result to our sizing chart for the type of kilt you would like! This is the most accurate sizing of our kilts.

The US pants size is an approximation of our kilts’ equivalent in US pants sizing. US pants sizing is notoriously unreliable, and the number on the size tag is usually about 2-4” smaller than the actual measurement of the waistband. For this reason, our approximation of US pants sizing is only an estimate. The best way to determine your sizing is to measure yourself with a tape measure, and compare the result to the actual inch measurement at belt for our kilts.

If you measure your belt line and find that you need a size outside of our standard lineup, please let us know and we would be happy to help you with a special order of a smaller or larger size, if possible!

Here are our standard kilt sizes:

XS: 30-34 actual inches at belt
S: 34-38 actual inches at belt
M: 38-42 actual inches at belt
L: 42-46 actual inches at belt
XL: 46-52 actual inches at belt
2X: 52-56 actual inches at belt
3X: 56-60 actual inches at belt


How does your pants sizing work?

Our pants are sized to the actual inch, unlike most pants sizing.

If the Verillas pants you're looking at say size 34, they will measure 34" at the waistband. Unfortunately US pants sizing in general is notoriously dishonest, and most pants that say "size 34 actually measure more like 36-38". Since the measurement is most commonly about 4" larger than the actual inch measurement, for a general sizing guideline we recommend adding 4 to your usual pants size to get your Verillas pants size, to approximate the actual inch measurement of your waist.

For an even more accurate guide, we recommend measuring yourself with a tape measure around wherever you want the top of the pants to sit, and then rounding up to the nearest size for the most accurate fit recommendation. So, for example, if you measure around your hips and you find that your body circumference is 37", you should order size 38 pants.

If you measure your belt line and find that you need a size outside of our standard lineup, please let us know and we would be happy to help you with a special order of a smaller or larger size, if possible!


What shoe size should I get?

We usually hear that our boots fit as expected for one’s usual shoe size. However, if you would like a more detailed analysis, here are some steps you can follow to gain a more accurate understanding of your shoe size.

Things you should know before you measure your feet:

  • It is best to measure your feet at the end of the day, because walking around all day can slightly increase the size of your feet.
  • Measure your feet wearing the type of socks or stockings you will be wearing inside the boot. Only measure your bare feet if you plan to wear your boots without socks.
  • Remember that the difference in shoe sizes is often as small as a fraction of a centimeter, so please measure as accurately as you can, to the tenth of a centimeter.
  • Measure both feet. Most people's feet are slightly asymmetrical. Use the measurements from the larger foot.

Measuring your feet in six basic steps:

  1. Place a piece of paper up against a flat wall.
  2. Step down on the piece of paper so that your heel is lightly touching the wall, and your toes are pointed towards the center of the room. Your entire foot should be on the piece of paper.
  3. Trace the outline of your foot. If you have trouble touching your toes, you may wish to recruit a friend to help you.
  4. Step off the paper, and then use a ruler to measure the length of your foot from the edge of the paper nearest to where your heel touches the wall, to the end of your longest toe. Write down the measurement, to the tenth of a centimeter.
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 for the other foot.
  6. Compare your results to this chart to determine the most likely size for you:
EU Shoe Size 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 47 48 49
US Men's Shoe Size 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
US Women's Shoe Size 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17
Length (cm) 20.8-21.5 21.6-22.4 22.5-23.4 23.5-24.0 24.1-25.0 25.1-25.5 25.6-26.2 26.3-26.7 26.8-27.5 27.6-28.2 28.3-29.3 29.4-30.9 31.0-31.7 31.8-32.5

Please note that some people prefer their shoes tighter or looser than expected for their foot dimensions. If you try on your boots and find that the estimate did not quite match your expectations, please feel free to send the boots back to us for an exchange.


How do I measure myself for jackets and shirts?

To measure chest circumference, take a tape measure and measure yourself around the widest part of your chest, just under your arms. Your breath can be natural and relaxed, you do not need to hold your breath.

To measure your waist circumference, take a tape measure and measure yourself around the most extreme part of your abdomen, which could be the widest or slimmest part of your abdomen depending on your body type. This is usually at around navel level.

To measure your shoulder width, please have a friend take a tape measure and measure from the triple point of one shoulder, up and over the back of your shoulders in a slight arc, to the triple point of the other shoulder. The "triple point" of your shoulder is where the three seams meet in a T shape on a well-fitted dress shirt. It is the upper "tip" of your shoulder.

To measure your sleeve length, measure from the triple point of your shoulder, straight down the outside of your arm to your wrist bone.

Remember that your own waist and chest measurements need to be about 2” smaller than the measurements of the garment in order for a comfortable fit. The shoulder and sleeve length measurements can be exact.


How do I clean my kilt?

First things first, we usually recommend dry-cleaning. If you do dry clean, be sure to notify the cleaners of any special metal or leather design details if they are present in your style so they do not use the wrong chemicals on your kilt. It is generally a good idea to let them know the fabric composition of the kilt also! Cotton for solid colors, acrylic wool for tartans. The straps on the back of the pockets are a poly blend.

That being said, you can wash your kilt yourself. We recommend hand washing in cold water with mild detergent, or washing it alone in your washing machine on delicate, especially the first time you clean it, just in case the dye is not completely set. Then you should hang dry, pulling the pleats straight to help with some of the wrinkles, until just damp. Then you should iron your kilt inside out if possible to preserve the press on the pleats. Use the correct heat setting on your iron for the material - cotton for solid colors and acrylic wool for tartans. Make sure not to put your kilt in the dryer - it will reduce the lifespan of your kilt significantly, and high heat could make it shrink. Our kilts are quite sturdy, but maintaining these practices every time you wash your kilt will help you get the longest life out of your kilt possible.


How do I maintain my leather goods?

Leather maintenance involves four basic steps, Cleaning, Conditioning, Sealing, and Storing.


  • This step should be performed about weekly with regular use, or as needed otherwise.
  • In order to get the longest life span out of your leather goods, you should regularly remove built up dirt and dust with either a damp dye-fast lint-free cloth or soft-bristled brush, such as a toothbrush. 
  • Do not use soap or detergent unless it is specifically formulated to be safe with leather, like saddle soap. Make sure to spot test in an inconspicuous area first just in case the water or product changes the leather in a way you don't like.
  • If the cloth comes away with black marks from the leather, don't panic. This is normal for new leather. It's just excess dye on the top of the leather, and should not have any lasting effects on the appearance or lifespan of your leather goods.
  • Pat dry or allow to thoroughly air dry.


  • If your leather is flaking or cracking, this is a sign that it desperately needs conditioning. Try not to let it get to that point, if possible! You should condition every 3-6 months, sometimes more often if needed due to wear, environment, and season.
  • Choose a conditioner such as leather lotion, leather oil, leather salve, leather honey - any leather-safe conditioning product you prefer. Please spot test first, and note that some conditioning products come with color/dye already in them. Your mileage may vary depending on the features of the product you choose. Conditioned leather often looks slightly darker in color than it did before.
  • Rub in the conditioner/cleaner with a soft dye-fast lint-free cloth or brush, let it sit for a while (a few hours or maybe overnight) to soak in, and wipe away the excess. If the leather still feels dry and stiff to the touch you can add a little more conditioner and wait again for it to soak in.
  • The leather should not feel wet and it should not leave a residue on your hands when you touch the leather if it is properly conditioned. If it does, it is over-conditioned - you just need to absorb a little of the excess by pressing gently with undyed paper or cloth.


  • When you are content with the conditioning, you can also optionally add some sort of protection or sealant to your leather. Options include wax, polish, and weatherproofing spray formulated specifically to protect leather, among many other choices. Follow the instructions for whatever variety you choose, and please spot test first.
  • While this step adds a particular appearance or layer of protection to the leather to prevent damage from heat, humidity, wear and tear, etc., this step does not condition or clean the leather, the other two steps must be performed first!
  • Some choose to leave the process at the conditioning step and do not add a layer of protection, especially if they want the leather to break in or look antiqued. Please keep in mind that leaving your leather exposed to the elements without sealing it will likely cause the leather to break down more quickly with use.


  • Store your leather in a temperature controlled environment. Try not to store your leather anywhere too hot, too cold, too wet, or too dry. They should be perfectly fine in a room temperature home.
  • If your boots become waterlogged, please take care to allow them to dry completely as soon as possible.
  • If the boots become muddy or dirty, be sure to clean them before placing them into storage.

Our company president, Alice, has worn the same pair of Monolith Moto Boots for years, and they still look as good as the day she got them, because she takes care of them. In contrast, it is possible to wear out a new pair of boots in months if they are not properly maintained. Leather is very forgiving and can last a very long time if you maintain it properly! Take care of your leather, and it will take care of you.


Do you do in-house repairs?

Unfortunately this is not a service we are able to offer at this time. In some instances, we can provide advice or another possible solution. Reach out to us at and we would be happy to help you!


Do you do custom work?

We are currently unable to accept custom orders and hope to resume this service in 2023.  Please keep an eye on our social media channels for more information or send us an email at


Can you make shoes in wide, narrow, or half sizes; or with a wider calf and ankle?

Yes, we can make boots with wide and narrow soles, half sizes, and custom calf / ankle sizing! Please reach out to us at and we would be happy to help you.


Can you make me some custom Spiral Tabi, Yin Vests, or Yang Vests?

No, we are sorry. These items are discontinued for now. We hope to be able to bring them back someday!


Can you make a custom kilt with my family tartan?

We are happy to make custom kilts for those who have specific tartans they'd like us to use. Unfortunately, we are not able to make the tartan fabric ourselves, since our loom can only make fabric in hundreds of yards at a time. That said, if you would like to send us some fabric in your special tartan, we would be happy to make one custom for you. To make a whole kilt in a certain tartan, we need 3 yards of 60" width fabric in 13-20oz weight. The fabric can be any pattern you like, you send it to us and we'll make your kilt! If you wanted a hybrid kilt with just the pleats in your special tartan, you would only need to send us 1.5 yards. If your fabric is 45" width instead or if your waist measurement is larger than 46", we may require additional yardage of fabric.

Please reach out to with your request, and we would be happy to help you set up this custom order!


What are your business hours?

We are open from 9am to 7:15pm EST Monday through Friday. Our office is closed on New Years Day, the Fourth of July, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.

The best way to contact us is through email at! You can also contact us at 855.265.2992 9am to 7:15pm EST Monday through Friday. If we cannot immediately speak on the phone, please leave a message with your name, order number, and inquiry, and we will be back with you as soon as possible.


Can I come visit your shop?

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, we are not accepting visits at our shop. We’re sorry!


How do I cancel an order?

Please contact us at or by phone at 855.265.2992. If your order has not yet shipped and you contact us within 24h of placing your order, we may be able to cancel the order for you.


I accidentally purchased two of an item when I only meant to buy one. What do I do?

Let us know at, or call us at 855.265.2992 from 9am to 7:15pm EST Monday through Friday! If your order has not already gone out, we can hold back one of the items and refund you for the spare.


Why wasn’t there a receipt or shipping invoice in my package?

Our receipts and shipping invoices are completely digital, to have less environmental impact from paper use! If you would like a copy of your invoice to be included inside the package, please request this in the order notes for the order in question.


What do I do if my package goes missing?

Oftentimes when packages go missing, we advise our customers to check a few places that are common for misplaced orders:

  • In unusual places around your delivery area, such as behind patio furniture, or off to the side of a front deck, or at the end of your driveway.
  • With a roommate or neighbor who may have signed for your package or may have been holding onto it for you for safekeeping.
  • If you live in a gated community or apartment building, check with your neighborhood’s front office as well as the common mailbox area and parcel locker.

If you check these locations and have not found your package, contact your local post office or FedEx facility. They can get you in touch with the driver that delivered your parcel, who may have more information on the location of the package. You will want to reference your USPS tracking number when speaking with them. If they are unable to locate the package, you can open a case with USPS. Please send us the case number when possible so if they contact us we can reach out to you.

If the shipping service cannot locate the package and you believe the parcel to be stolen, we can open a tracer on the tracking number for your order. At that point, you should speak to your local Police Department and file a report of theft. Once you have done this, please send us the case number.

When we have heard back from the shipping service about your case, or once we have received the case number from the police, if your package still cannot be found we can work with you on acquiring replacements for your items if possible.


What is store credit, and how do I use it?

When you send a purchased item back to us, we can exchange it for store credit equal to the value of the item. Store credit is a balance that is applied to your Verillas account that you can then use towards the purchase of anything you might like from our shop.

Here’s how you use your store credit: First, make sure that you are logged into your account. Then, find an item you like and proceed through checkout normally. Once you get to the very last page of checkout, you will see an option to apply your available store credit to your purchase. You can pay for any overflow cost normally.

If you would just like to view your balance, please log into your account and go to the "My Account" settings page. You should see a menu on the left side that says "Orders" "Messages" "Addresses" etc. Under that menu there should be a green box that will tell you your store credit value. On some browsers, you can also see this information in the upper right hand corner of the screen at all times while logged into your account.



What are Verillas Rewards Points, and how do they work?

Our Rewards system is a way to get discounts on Verillas items. You can earn points by signing up for a Verillas account, celebrating a birthday, placing an order, referring a friend, or sharing a Verillas post on social media through the rewards menu. You can then spend these accrued points on discounts, such as free shipping, 10% off, or a free Versatta kilt. Different rewards have different point values, so you can get a smaller reward less often or save up for a big reward later. Once you redeem a reward, the menu will give you a discount code that you can then apply to your cart.

You can view your Rewards Points by logging in to and clicking on the white Reward Tab at the bottom right corner of the screen. If you are viewing our site in its Mobile View, you will instead see a little white round button with a shopping bag and a heart in the bottom right corner. Through the Tab, you are able to spend your points for various rewards and discounts of your choosing.

If you accidentally redeem a coupon code from the Rewards menu and you would like to undo this redemption, please send your request, the coupon code you received, and your username - the email address you used to create your Verillas account - in an email to We can deactivate the coupon code and return your points to the balance.


Can I use more than one coupon on my order?

No.  Unfortunately, we only allow one coupon to be applied to each order.  This does not apply to our free shipping for orders over $100 deal, because that is special offer site wide, and not a coupon code.


Does Verillas offer wholesale accounts?

Yes! Please contact us at and we would be happy to discuss this partnership with you!


How can I model for Verillas?

If you would like to be considered as a Verillas model, we welcome every shape, size, color, and creed of person to represent us. The only requirements are that you have modeling experience and are willing to travel to Fredericksburg, Virginia. Feel free to send customer service an email ( with your headshots and modeling photos attached. 


What does Verillas do to support the LGBT+ community?

Apart from our company president and most of our employees being members of the LGBT+ community, we donate our products to raffle prizes for LGBT+ causes, we’re a proud sponsor of the Burgh Bears, and we have a standing donation to GLAAD.

We design products that are meant to help people feel comfortable and proud of both how they look and what they’re representing. Fashion is all about helping people present as their best version of themselves.

If you’re a part of the community that could use our help, or if you’re part of an organization that is interested in receiving a donation from Verillas that would help support LGBT+ causes, please reach out to us at and we shall be honored to assist you if possible.