Special Order

For a limited time, customized Verillas gear made your way. Freedom of self expression is for everyone and we aim to armor you up for the cause.  Every special order gets us closer to funding a Pride mega-launch that will represent our beautifully diverse customer base.

Verillas is a company that has consistently punched above its weight. The power of our products and our messaging has delivered an established “big business” feel since our second year when we were still recouping our first round of investment that established the foundation that we have today. Unbeknown to most, we’ve been a tiny, bootstrapped, team of 4-10 people for most of our history. We’ve never received venture capital funding and up until the pandemic we were never able to even get funding with the small business administration. We built what we have through friends and family investment, consistent and constant self-reinvestment and a mixture of shorter term funding solutions that helped us take steps forward, but always come with restraints in how far that can take us. The result has been a painfully slow process of filling out a full line of all original products and finding the cash to stock them for you. We can't stock everything we should right now, but we do have new expert craftsfolk ready after months of preparation to offer made-to-order items in a reasonable amount of time.

It may be the rugged adventurer in us but we do not like being beholden to big companies or big interests outside of our sphere. We have some experience with crowdfunding, we made a little splash of a campaign on Kickstarter years ago and the experience was forgettable. In the same way that we are pivoting away from a marketing reliance on our Facebook and Instagram accounts into working directly with creators and bringing people into our community via Discord, we want to make this aspect of our business custom, inclusive, and ultimately as ‘Verillas’ as it can be. That is why we’re coming to you directly.

We want to make Pride Kilts in YOUR colors, and allow you to exemplify your identity with our quality products. We want to make a Bramblewood Vest for your clan, your group, your battle team or your party, in the right colors with the right detail. We want to make your Bramblewood Boots with wider calves and ankles as needed, and we want to offer Wide soles. We want to make our most sought after and reliable products an even bigger slam dunk for every single person who lands on the site. This project is the starting point and your order will help pave the way toward a grander, more inclusive Verillas without bending the knee to big banks.

You choose your perfect piece and trust us with the funding to make it happen. This helps us absorb the one-time costs of expanding what we’re able to make for the long term. We will do our absolute best to communicate timelines and updates as we have them - and we promise to fulfill 100% of the orders we get entrusted with.

The pricing model we’re using for Verillas Custom as funded by you, our customers, will generate some value at the end that we want to use responsibly and respectfully. We’ve chosen three local charitable organizations that we will impart 10% of the value of each fulfilled order from the Verillas custom project leading up to our $500,000 goal. By default your order’s contribution will be split evenly between them, but you may elect to direct all of your funds to one of them specifically in the order message at checkout.

Virginia Literacy Foundation: : Knowledge and education are the foundations of a strong future and we wholeheartedly believe that fair access to literacy is one of the most important things we can contribute to that will allow our country to heal and our community to grow safely and securely into the future.

Feed More: : This Central Virginia focused organization is a member of Feeding America and Meals on Wheels America. Food security is incredibly important to our company’s ideals. In particular our VP, Justin, has a strong connection with this particular element of our philanthropic giving. Hunger affects everyone in different ways, but foundationally, it is one of the most important steps to establishing a good life and building a future. We want to be part of the solution. 

The Virginia League for Planned Parenthood: : This organization is important to us in many ways, from providing essential reproductive services, health information and gender affirming inclusive care that is a difficult and divisive issue in today’s unfortunate climate, but we believe that these things are absolutely essential to society and must be protected.


We've been working tirelessly to provide a wider variety of styles with inclusive sizes for everyone.  We are proud to offer some of our selection with custom options, made to order with your custom specifications.  We are limited to the color and size options offered in these listings at this time due to supply chain constraints.

Special Order Average Delivery Time: 120 Days. We cannot guarantee a delivery time for custom orders at this time. They will be made in the order they are received. Many special orders will arrive in your hands within 60 days or less, but we wanted to give realistic expectations as we work through materials shortages and other challenges. We will update this section if we start to see any delays or changes to materials availability.

Special Order Returns Policy: Special Orders cannot be cancelled or refunded 48 hours after being placed. We will remake your item if we fail to meet the color and size specifications you chose! If you provide incorrect measurements, or change body shape/size during your wait, we will still remake your item for a 10% fee the first time, and a 50% fee if you need a third remake due to customer info error. Items damaged in transit are the buyer's responsibility to collect insurance from the shipping agency selected if applicable. Items with defects can be sent back for repair / replacement on a case by case basis within 7 days of receipt.  Email to let us know if we made a mistake and we will make your item right.

Thanks for making it this far into the TLDR, we appreciate you. You are the best kind of customer. Cheers from the Verillas team.