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  • Cargo Thai Pants
    Cargo Thai Pants
    Cotton Thai Pants with a waist apron loaded with pockets! Move fluidly in these all season pants, light as the breeze and plenty cozy...
  • Darkbane Cargo Shorts
    Darkbane Cargo Shorts
    Darkbane Cargo Shorts are made of soft and lightweight cotton made to be durable and to keep you cool. With multiple utility features, these shorts let you have everything you need right at your fingertips. - 6 roomy...
  • Eastern Warrior Shorts
    Eastern Warrior Shorts
    Shorts for the free flowing warrior.  Woven cotton material that breathes with a soft gathered cotton waist.  Made for unlimited movement, inspired by classic eastern warrior lore.  Style your thai kick boxer,...
  • Outlaw 3/4 Shorts
    Outlaw 3/4 Shorts
    Size is strictly in inches at the waist. In other words, use your pants/jeans size and add 4. For example, if you normally wear a size 32 in jeans, you should order a size 36. Canvas ultra durable shorts Hidden waistband...
  • Raider Thai Pants by Ayyawear
    Raider Thai Pants by Ayyawear
    $99.20 $64.95
    One size fits most! The waist extends to 44" as the maximum down to as small as you'd like. The fit is comfortable at any size, we've constructed it with a loose, open flow for all body types. Thai pants made from layered...
  • S-Pants by 14th Addiction
    S-Pants by 14th Addiction
    $259.00 $129.00
    Ultra loose fit mens workout pants. Hand braided leather waist closure. Zipper Pockets, Button closure pockets, and easy access open pockets. Leather trim with a very soft suede-like texture. Fitted at the ankle for comfort...
  • V-Cargo Pants
    V-Cargo Pants
    V-Cargo is a canvas medium weight poly-cotton style with a comfortable interior.  The rugged exterior is sleek to avoid movement restriction.  This material hides spills well relative to other fabrics, and stands...
  • V-Recon Cargo Pants
    V-Recon Cargo Pants
    Cargo pants with a paramilitary style and a leisurely comfort. Leather trim on cotton canvas body, with a breathable weight for all seasons. Available in Navy Blue and Crimson Red...
  • V-Thai Pants
    V-Thai Pants
    V-Thai Pants feature a cross laced hip closure and a thin fabric that breathes well. Conceal your form in these loose flowing pants, ideal for your yoga, ninja, or eastern warrior inspired styles. Made of a thin woven cotton...

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