The Meaning of Verillas

Where did the name Verillas come from?


It’s hard to choose literally anything. But it’s even harder to choose names. It’s like setting a course for a years-long adventure without any idea where you’ll end up.   Allister landed on the name Verillas after the following journey:

I woke up one day and realized I needed a name for a company. Unfortunately for me the vision was loaded with too many awesome things like gothic boots, medieval tunics, kilts, and any other fun thing I ever wanted, but couldn’t find at existing clothing stores. When you’re on a creative rampage and you’re the founder of a company, no one can stop you [evil laughter].

I wrote a list of about 50 names and immediately crossed off the ones that made me think of something that already existed that wasn’t on vibe with the brand. I wished at the time that I was focused enough to just create something like “medieval kilts and stuff dot com” but, go big or go home, right?

A portion of the names on the list were made up words. Deliberately avoiding existing names for things so that I could carve out something fresh and new, despite selling medieval inspired designs. Verillas stood out because it feels strong when you say it. It feels medieval. It feels expensive but so worth it. And, in my vanity (duh, model), I noticed it happened to be one letter short of an anagram for Allister. No one sober has ever called me Allisver. Not that I’d be that inclined to harumph if they did.  Most importantly, Verillas has come to represent the feeling of putting on armor that communicates the strength of your identity to others around you.

I asked a ton of friends and family what they thought of names of the list, one at a time, on different days. And something else stood out. How in the heck do you pronounce it if you see it written?

Here are some famously common guesses:  






But in truth, it is intended to pronounce phoenetically “Ver-ill-oss”, as though it was a long lost name of an elvish city or lord.

Sorry to spoil the fun, and I hope your friends keep guessing inane things when trying to describe us. It really sticks in your head. But, better to be amusing than forgotten.