Womens Progress Leather Heels - Special Order

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Progress boots are something special we developed to make a statement.  We're proud and we know you are too. We celebrate the community of queer and queer friendly spaces year round.  Thanks for supporting us, it is so cool to see our designs every time we are at a pride festival, a ren faire, or a concert lately. It is truly an honor.  - Alice and Ivy Greenbrier

From the festival grounds to road life, these boots will carry you for years.  Our soles are designed for miles of walking or hiking and the goodyear welt stitch is something your local cobbler can remove to replace the soles. (We offer replacements, so come to us to order a pair when it's time).  This style features a ton of stitch work that both reinforces the boot and adds to the style. The sizing chart is in the image carousel.

Verillas soles sizes are based on standard gendered US shoes. They didn't used to be, but by popular demand, we made the very costly change for you. Mens / Womens soles are shaped differently at the ball of the foot more so you know what you are buying compared to other brands than anything. Traditionally the taper and the width at the ball of the foort are what are different between these size styles.



  • Real Cow Leather
  • Palm Weave detail made from hand cut leather panels, reinforcement stitched.
  • Easily expands for wider ankle and calf shapes. Remember to gently set your laces before zipping.
  • Extra wide ankle and heel customization available, as well as wide sole sizes.
  • Made with a soft suede ankle panel - a Verillas customization that allows for flexible movement.
  • Our Goodyear Welt Stitched V-Tread Soles (Designed for walking mileage)
  • Moisture Control Lining Inside
  • Visible Laces - Set Once for a Perfect Fit
  • Subtle Zippers for Ease
  • 0.5" Heel Lift
  • Water Resistant - Enhanced if you apply waterproofing spray to the leather.
  • Rainbow custom stitching celebrating pride and diversity! <3 <3 <3.  Verillas is LGBTQ+ Owned.
  • Custom Rainbow Gradient Laces included
  • Alternate Color Laces Sold Separately

Loving your boots is about more than wearing them - it's also about storing them properly. Boot Display Stretchers are a lovely way to display your boots in your home and help them keep their shape. They help avoid creasing from being flopped over, and make it easier to perform leather care (like moisturizing the exterior with leather lotion).  Find your set to add to your cart Here