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Verillas Women's Fashion

  • Mandala Pants
    Mandala Pants
    These pants have a printed pattern inspired by the mandala, symbolizing unity and harmony. It offers the mobility of pants with the flow and comfort of a long skirt. Perfect for positive energy activities such as yoga,...
  • Morganna Top
    Morganna Top
    The Morganna Top is made of 100% cotton, a soft and breathable fabric perfect for spring and summer days. It features lace detailing that matches with many of our other spring products, such as the Hexlace Bloomers...
  • Nox Jacket
    Nox Jacket
    $149.00 $50.00
    The Nox jacket features military jacket style with a waterproof windbreaker outer shell, and a soft cushy inner lining. This jacket offers superior cold protection but weighs very little. Travel light, travel swift, and move...
  • Onyx Jacket - Canvas Edition by Ayyawear
    Onyx Jacket - Canvas Edition by Ayyawear
    $299.00 $149.00
    Genuine Ayyawear - Top quality designer fashion made to outlast you. Warm and wind breaking without being stuffy for Fall and Spring weather. This jacket mixes a corset fit with puffy burlesque sleeves and unique cuffs,...
  • Phobos Heeled Boots
    Phobos Heeled Boots
    With a name plucked from the grim side of the Greek pantheon, it would be easy to forget that Phobos was a child of Aphrodite.  These heels feature a sleek leather lower with a velvet textured soft upper. Hand crafted...
  • Racer V-Tank
    Racer V-Tank
    $10.00 $5.00
    Get your Racer V-Tank today and support Verillas Alternative Fashion! This tank is the perfect under layer year round, made of a super soft poly cotton blend. Fitted for maximum movement and comfort.
  • Raider Holster Shorts
    Raider Holster Shorts
    Stretch Denim shorts for the urban adventurer. Featuring a holster pocket affixed to the left leg, with the capacity for a large cell phone, or weapon of choice. Style with your choice of Ayya footwear and figure flattering...
  • Road Fury Jacket
    Road Fury Jacket
    $159.99 $79.00
    Black, fitted, and styled for an attitude. Don't take an ounce a' guff in this waist slimming classic biker jacket. Lined inside, light weight, but surprisingly warm without being bulky. Cotton canvas with poly-cotton blend...
  • Ruffle Steam Skirt
    Ruffle Steam Skirt
    $99.00 $50.00
    One size fits most! Elastic waist, Polycotton blend, with poly trim.
  • Scottish Pride Hybrid Micro Kilt
    Scottish Pride Hybrid Micro Kilt
    This acrylic wool kilt is softer than real wool and very comfortable for summer weather. Enjoy the look of Scottish Pride Tartan with black cotton canvas pleats. This micro kilt features a 10-12" drop depending on waist size...
  • Scottish Pride Tartan Mini Kilt
    Scottish Pride Tartan Mini Kilt
    This acrylic wool kilt is softer than real wool and very comfortable for summer weather. Enjoy the look of Scottish Pride Tartan with leather buckle details. This Mini kilt is cut on the conservative side just above the knee...
  • Skull Leggings
    Skull Leggings
    It's that time of year! Keep it comfy and keep it spooky with these cotton blend stretch skull leggings. One size fits most.
  • Sky Pixie Dress
    Sky Pixie Dress
    Wear the clouds as a dress, and feel the energy of this pixie style surround you.  This woven cotton dress flows like a faerie.  It makes an excellent layer for fantasy styles, while looking amazing with a pair of...
  • Skylander Maxi Dress
    Skylander Maxi Dress
    The most regal of Verillas Fae styles. Wear the sky as your mantle and the sun as your crown.  This woven cotton maxi dress has the colorway of a tempest sky. Layer it with black or white leather accessories for the...
  • Skylander Tunic
    Skylander Tunic
    Wear the colors of the skylander, become your destiny. This ultra light weight tunic is an amazingly comfortable under-layer, and an even better thin top for summer weather. Made by hand of a fine, comfortable cotton and...
  • Tatterlane Skirt
    Tatterlane Skirt
    $119.00 $69.00
    This Post Apocalyptic themed skirt is composed of multiple layers of poly cotton blend with a slight stretch. This is the perfect compliment to your every day wardrobe, that doubles as a Neo-victorian or steampunk...
  • Tea Room Capris
    Tea Room Capris
    $69.99 $45.00
    Victorian styled 3/4 Shorts with ruffle details, made of a poly cotton blend...
  • Tree of Life Pants
    Tree of Life Pants
    These pants have an embroidered pattern inspired by the Celtic Tree of Life, symbolizing nature, harmony, and balance. It offers the mobility of pants with the flow and comfort of a long skirt. Perfect for positive energy...
  • Trellisback Summer Dress
    Trellisback Summer Dress
    The Trellisback Summer Dress is a figure flattering 100% cotton dress with plenty of stretch. It features a lace up criss-cross back that doubles as the shoulder straps. This style can be dressed up or down, worn casually or...
  • Tri-Buckle Micro Kilt
    Tri-Buckle Micro Kilt
    $34.95 $19.95
    This 10" to 12" length micro kilt (varies by waist size) features the same motif as our tri-buckle kilts. Made of the same popular 16oz super soft cotton, with warm summer event gear in mind. The size listed is the waist...

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