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Verillas Women's Fashion

  • Hexlace Bloomers
    Hexlace Bloomers
    $39.99 $24.95
    Made of 100% stretchy cotton with an elastic waistband, these capri style leggings are designed to fit most body types. They feature lace cutouts on the bottom that match our Morganna Top, and the stitching pattern matches...
  • Hexwash Longskirt
    Hexwash Longskirt
    $24.99 $14.95
    The Hexwash Longskirt is an ankle length dip dyed skirt that was handmade with 100% cotton. It features an elastic waistband that allows for two sizes to fit most. The fabric is gathered at the seams, making the creases a...
  • Hybrid V-Micro Kilt
    Hybrid V-Micro Kilt
    $49.92 $24.99
    This cotton canvas version of our famous Hybrid V-Kilt features a 10-12" drop depending on waist size. The ultimate fit for a sexy style this summer. Hand stitched pleats, and a soft hand selected material. Limited quantity...
  • Icenfae Halfskirt
    Icenfae Halfskirt
    $69.99 $24.95
    With an asymmetrical pattern and an icy blue color, the Icenfae Halfskirt is a unique head turner. Made out of soft and stretchy cotton, this skirt is not only stylish but also comfortable. Corseted laces on the hip allow...
  • Kater Corset Leggings
    Kater Corset Leggings
    $99.00 $49.99
    It's all about the way they fit you. Kater leggings feature an adjustable corseted back.  Made from Rayon Lycra and Leather, these take yoga pants to the next level.   They will fit you like a second skin and...
  • Kids Tri-Buckle Blackwatch Kilt
  • Laceback Coat
    Laceback Coat
    $129.99 $99.00
    The Laceback Jacket is made of 100% cotton with a soft interior lining. It features a durable front zipper and two roomy zipper pockets that keep your belongings secure. The lacing along the back allows for a truly custom...
  • Laceline Yoga Pants
    Laceline Yoga Pants
    $39.99 $24.95
    Go with the flow in our new style of flare yoga pants. Handmade with 100% cotton, these pants are comfortable and feature an intricate crochet pattern around the waist. While the material is thin and lightweight, there is an...
  • Leather Cage Skirt
    Leather Cage Skirt
    $39.99 $29.99
    The Leather Cage Skirt is a cotton/canvas pencil skirt with faux leather straps. Fully lined with athletic mesh on the inside. This style is the perfect base for gothic, steampunk, and apocalyptic looks...
  • Leyline Tunic
    Leyline Tunic
    $69.99 $45.99
    The Leyline Tunic features a custom neck trim, including a pair of lost feathers that symbolize freedom. The chain was specifically selected to avoid pinching or catching, and the customized sleeves feature our brass...
  • Liliana Hoodie
    Liliana Hoodie
    The Liliana Hoodie is lightweight and handmade with 100% cotton. It includes a soft inner lining to keep you cozy making it a great outer layer for chilly seasons. Details on this hoodie are what make it a truly unique...
  • Lilith V-Capris
    Lilith V-Capris
    $69.99 $49.99
    The Lilith V-Capris are a canvas medium weight poly-cotton style with a comfortable interior and the first in our new line of women's bottoms. Wear them as full length pants, or pull the strings for a ruched capri pant. The...
  • Lothy Lace Crop Hoodie
    Lothy Lace Crop Hoodie
    $199.00 $99.00
    The Lothy Lace Crop Hoodie is perfect as a warm weather jacket, or a crop top for the more daring.   Adventure in style, and show off the body you have worked so hard to perfect.   Your form is beautiful in all...
  • Maelstrom Hoodie
    Maelstrom Hoodie
    $149.00 $49.95
    This hoodie is soft and lightweight, making it a perfect outer layer during mild winter days or chilly spring nights. It features two front pockets, a detachable hood, and four braided leather cords that allow you to tighten...
  • Mandala Pants
    Mandala Pants
    These pants have a printed pattern inspired by the mandala, symbolizing unity and harmony. It offers the mobility of pants with the flow and comfort of a long skirt. Perfect for positive energy activities such as yoga,...
  • Morganna Top
    Morganna Top
    $29.99 $20.00
    The Morganna Top is made of 100% cotton, a soft and breathable fabric perfect for spring and summer days. It features lace detailing that matches with many of our other spring products, such as the Hexlace Bloomers...
  • Nox Jacket
    Nox Jacket
    $149.00 $49.95
    The Nox jacket features military jacket style with a waterproof windbreaker outer shell, and a soft cushy inner lining. This jacket offers superior cold protection but weighs very little. Travel light, travel swift, and move...
  • Onyx Jacket - Canvas Edition by Ayyawear
    Onyx Jacket - Canvas Edition by Ayyawear
    $299.00 $129.00
    Genuine Ayyawear - Top quality designer fashion made to outlast you. Warm and wind breaking without being stuffy for Fall and Spring weather. This jacket mixes a corset fit with puffy burlesque sleeves and unique cuffs,...
  • Racer V-Tank
    Racer V-Tank
    $10.00 $5.00
    Get your Racer V-Tank today and support Verillas Alternative Fashion! This tank is the perfect under layer year round, made of a super soft poly cotton blend. Fitted for maximum movement and comfort.
  • Raider Holster Shorts
    Raider Holster Shorts
    Stretch Denim shorts for the urban adventurer. Featuring a holster pocket affixed to the left leg, with the capacity for a large cell phone, or weapon of choice. Style with your choice of Ayya footwear and figure flattering...

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