Warmetal Boots - Custom

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Dear Verillas Customers,

  Special orders at Verillas historically suffer a 50-100% upcharge.  We do all of the careful setup work and material sourcing that it would take for 500 garments, and apply that care to your single item.  With fair wages in mind, we thank you for supporting these costs. 

  However, we are offering a substantially lower price during our relaunch event until the Sword of Progress graphic on the Special Order landing page is fully powered up.   We’re betting on the volume of support from our community to make this profitable, while also funding our permanent expansion into more inclusive stocked products for any and every adventurer.

  Thank you, With love, Alice



These boots are sized by standard US sizes! Seasoned Verillas customers, adjust your size expectations based on the new paradigm. <3

Lace and load. Warmetal boots are hand crafted from conditioned canvas for the seasoned warrior.  Featuring leather Verillas laces, our custom V-tread soles, and an aesthetic blending post apocalyptic fantasy with modern comfort.  Our boots are made to last a long time, while bringing you something more than the every-day aesthetic you find at other shops.  Check out our matching Warmetal Kilt and complete your look before you go to battle.


+ Legendary Verillas Craftsmanship
+ Small Batch Production Run
+ Distressed Canvas Design

+ Brand: Verillas
+ Style: V1RWMB
+ Color(s): Black
+ Fabric Content: Cotton Canvas