Vanguard Rider Gloves

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Vanguard Rider Gloves :: You've got a long night ahead and your hands can't slip. Keep the dust off your knuckles and the skittish at bay. 

The Verillas Vanguard collection is crafted with affordability in mind. Longtime Verillas buyers will know that we're committed to quality and don't mind leaning into the work - and our prices reflect that commitment. Vanguard pieces are made solid and capable but we've hedged off some of that intense focus to make this collection more attainable for accessories, basics, accent pieces and introductions to our brand.


+ Cow Leather
+ Foam Palm Padding with Polyester Fleece Cover
+ Poly Cotton Blend Mesh Panels
+ Stretch Elastic Wristband with Hook and Loop (Velcro) Closure

Size XS S M L XL 2X 3X 4X
Palm 19.5cm 20cm 20cm 21cm 21cm 22cm 23.5cm 23.5cm
Wrist 19cm 19.5cm 20cm 20.5cm 21.5cm 21.5cm 21.5cm 22.5cm
Length 15cm 15cm 15cm 16cm 16cm 17cm 17cm 17cm

To measure your palm, gently wrap a flexible tape measure around your hand at the knuckles.
To measure your wrist, gently wrap a flexible tape measure around your wrist. 
To measure length, measure from your middle knuckle of your middle finger to your wrist.