Sleeveless Renaissance Tunic

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The sleeveless version of our Renaissance Tunic, this style is perfect for those looking for a bit more air flow or increased mobility. The cotton material is designed to keep you cool and it's loose fitting to give you flow.  Our Renaissance Tunic features a lighter cotton weave than our Medieval Tunic, making it perfect for Spring and Summer events.  Perfect for pirates, peasants, nobles, swordfighters, bards, travelers and more!  Add this LARP and Ren Faire essential to your wardrobe today!


+ Soft Woven Cotton
+ Breathable
+ Laced Front Closure

+ Brand: Verillas
+ Style: VRT
+ Color(s): Black, Ivory (White), Navy, Sandshroud (Gold), Giant's Blood (Red), Charcoal
+ Fabric Content: 100% Cotton

 Model is 5'9", 160lbs wearing a Small