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  • V-Recon Cargo Pants
    V-Recon Cargo Pants
    Cargo pants with a paramilitary style and a leisurely comfort. Leather trim on cotton canvas body, with a breathable weight for all seasons. Available in Navy Blue and Crimson Red...
  • V-Recon Hoodie
    V-Recon Hoodie
    The V-Recon Hoodie is where comfort meets style. It's a lightweight hoodie with a soft fleece-like interior, good for chilly fall nights or mild winter days. Made of 100% cotton and features two roomy front pockets...
  • V-Thai Pants
    V-Thai Pants
    $39.99 $24.95
    V-Thai Pants feature a cross laced hip closure and a thin fabric that breathes well. Conceal your form in these loose flowing pants, ideal for your yoga, ninja, or eastern warrior inspired styles. Made of a thin woven cotton...
  • Vaquero Boots
    Vaquero Boots
    Custom leather boots with snake skin details and sheep leather braided wraps on a ruber and leather sole platform. Custom case metal details, hand made...
  • Verillas Zip V-Kilt
    Verillas Zip V-Kilt
    $149.00 $79.00
    Modern Verillas V-kilts are made to last. We are known for items that cost a few dollars more for top quality. Please order 2-4" larger than your normal US jeans size or measure your waist in inches to choose a size (Size 30...
  • Warlord Hybrid V-Kilt
    Warlord Hybrid V-Kilt
    $189.00 $139.00
    Our premium Hybrid V-Kilt features a fully upgraded lineup of features. This is a custom tartan only available at Verillas. Warlord is about forging a future of his own design not resting on the laurels of distant heritage. ...

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