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The Elderwood Tabi are hand-crafted, calf high tabi boots made from our highest quality leather. Designed to zip up for quick trips to the forest edge, while lacing up the outer calf to adjust to your body shape (whether generously calved, or slim and lithe).  Elderwood products are made with daily wear, hiking, adventuring, and festival trips in mind.  Will your knees hurt after a day of wear? Absolutely not. Our soles are light weight, borrowing from athletic shoes in design, while still constructed with a high rubber content to last as long as possible (typically 1-6 years depending on daily / weekly wear).  The soles are made to be flexible, molding to your feet and the ground. Heirloom quality made to last a lifetime with proper care.  We recommend gentle leather lotion in dry climates every month, or every three months in more humid circumstances / with less frequent wear to preserve a new-look.  Fully lined with comfortable materials, with every edge finished.


+ Quality Cowhide Leather
+ Individually Hand Made
+ Water Resistant - can be made more so with leather-safe treatments
+ Lace Front Closure
+ Boot Heel Height: 1"
+ Round Toe
+ Zipper for easy on and off

Leather Custom Colors

Special Orders cannot be canceled or refunded 48 hours after being placed. We will remake your item if we fail to meet the color and size specifications you chose! If you provide incorrect measurements, or change body shape/size during your wait, we will still remake your item for a 10% fee the first time, and a 50% fee if you need a third remake due to customer info error. Items damaged in transit are the buyer's responsibility to collect insurance from the shipping agency selected if applicable. Items with defects can be sent back for repair / replacement on a case by case basis within 7 days of receipt. Email to let us know if we made a mistake and we will make your item right.