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Verillas Women's Fashion

  • Victorian Propeller Top
    Victorian Propeller Top
    $59.99 $34.99
    Dinner with the Captain on an East-bound Zeppelin on a balmy summer evening in the south Atlantic. This stunning blouse features sheer gauze sleeves that terminate in matching frilled cuffs. The trunk of the shirt is...
  • Wanderlust Pixie Dress
    Wanderlust Pixie Dress
    This light weight dress features hand stitched panels of textured cotton, and lace. Available in smaller and larger sizes, and designed to flow with a wide variety of body types. Feel proud of your style, however you choose...
  • Wanderlust Tank Top
  • Wayfarer Tunic
    Wayfarer Tunic
    A tunic for the wayward traveler. This handcrafted woven shirt is made with 100% cotton, making the fabric comfortable and breathable. It features flowy bell sleeves and two sets of tie on strings allowing for a relaxed,...
  • Wayweather Coat - Small
    Wayweather Coat - Small
    $600.00 $150.00
    This high end coat is hand dyed in a two tone green with red hues. It features suede detailing and uniquely designed buttons/snaps. There are two front pockets that snap closed, and a zippered right breast pocket. This coat...
  • Wicked Skirt
    Wicked Skirt
    $44.95 $29.99
     A little bit of alt fashion flair around an old fashion standby: the form fitting black mini-skirt. Made of durable but soft sustainably grown bamboo rayon, the Wicked skirt is an environmentally friendly high fashion...
  • Wispen Corset
    Wispen Corset
    $59.94 $29.99
    This finely made corset slims the figure with an ethereal style and fine white gossamer details. Includes a corset and a waist ruffle that sits underneath. Plastic boned for a fashion grade support (this is not a training...
  • Women's Admiral Hybrid V-Kilt
    Women's Admiral Hybrid V-Kilt
    $249.00 $189.00
    In stock and ready to rock! This Hybrid Admiral Edition V-Kilt features a custom Verillas blue tartan and black front panel, styled to look appropriate for modern every day wear. Our tartan is great for anyone to wear...
  • Women's Gothic Military Waistcoat
    Women's Gothic Military Waistcoat
    Made of a soft inner satin lining and a cotton canvas exterior, soft enough to flatter the figure but durable enough for years of every day wear. Features double breasted front with classic silver buttons. Twin zipper...
  • Women's Hybrid Cargo V-Kilt
    Women's Hybrid Cargo V-Kilt
    Modern Verillas V-kilts are made to last. We are known for items that cost a few dollars more for top quality. Please measure your waist in inches to choose a size. These kilts adjust 2" either way in the waist due to...
  • Women's Metal V-Kilt
    Women's Metal V-Kilt
    This skirt features a 4" range of adjustability thanks to leather snap straps hidden among the abundantly detailed design. Skirt closure also features chromed buckles. Made from the same 16oz cotton drill as our classic...
  • Women's Mini Metal V-Kilt
    Women's Mini Metal V-Kilt
    The shorter limited edition version of our best seller, the Women's Metal V-Kilt. This skirt features a 4" range of adjustability thanks to leather snap straps hidden among the abundantly detailed design. Skirt closure also...
  • Women's Verillas Logoless V-Neck
    Women's Verillas Logoless V-Neck
    $19.95 $9.99
    Ultra comfortable logo free cotton blend exterior, ready for snuggle weather.  Vibrant colors, and a sweet Verillas V-wing neck print hidden on the inside, for those who don't like bold logos on their shirts.

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