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Verillas Women's Fashion

  • Aetherflow Pants
    Aetherflow Pants
    Free flowing pants made for unlimited movement. Lightweight and comfortable woven cotton material that breathes. Beautiful hand stitched embroidery detail. Elastic one size waist. Fits up to a 42" waist.
  • Alexandar Leather Pants
    Alexandar Leather Pants
    $119.99 $99.00
    Leather pants that hug your figure without the usual discomfort of poorly cut styles. These are made for walking that whole event all day. Stay warm and stay stylish. These pants work with steampunk, victorian, post...
  • Archon Shirt - Dust & Malachite
    Archon Shirt - Dust & Malachite
    $49.97 $39.00
    The Archon shirt was developed with comfort, fluid movement, and a cross-genre style in mind. Whether your style is Gothic, Post apocalyptic, Forest Ranger, or even every day fashion, this hooded shirt is for you. Pointed...
  • Archon Tunic
    Archon Tunic
  • Aviator Pants
    Aviator Pants
    $99.00 $79.00
    Black / Coffee colored aviator pants with cutaway thighs that accentuate the figure nicely.  Just enough stretch for the active lady spy, with a soft fabic an aviator can sit in for hours. Mix in with your Post...
  • Blackout Leggings
    Blackout Leggings
    These stretch faux leather leggings feature a tight form fitting style. One size fits most (Sizes Small/0 through XL/12). Elastic comfort fit waist, easily hidden beneath a corset or tunic top.
  • Burlesque Wrap Skirt
    Burlesque Wrap Skirt
    The Burlesque Wrap Skirt features a tie-on ribbon, allowing for the one size to fit most. Pairs well with steampunk and gothic looks. Wear a shorter skirt or leggings underneath to complete the look.
  • Cargo Thai Pants
    Cargo Thai Pants
    Cotton Thai Pants with a waist apron loaded with pockets! Move fluidly in these all season pants, light as the breeze and plenty cozy.
  • Classic Kilt Belt
    Classic Kilt Belt
    This kilt belt is extra wide to fit the longer, reinforced belt loops on our kilts.  The dual prong buckle and reinforced metal eyelets make this a great buy for an affordable price.  Made of sturdy, thick cow...
  • Courage Tunic
    Courage Tunic
  • Darklace Corset Top
    Darklace Corset Top
    Made of body hugging, figure flattering lycra, this shirt feels like a second sexy skin as it moves with your body. Each tank top features metal button accents placed down the center inset in a textured, opaque panel of...
  • Darklace Pants
    Darklace Pants
    $119.00 $49.95
    Soft black sleek pants with a lace interior, exposed by lace corsetry all the way up the leg. Fits and adjusts comfortably, blends with gothic, steampunk, and post apocalyptic fashion trends. Very soft outer fabric and...
  • Darklace Shrug
  • Darkspice Leggings
    Darkspice Leggings
    Darkspice leggings are the perfect sexy under-layer for a short gothic skirt for a lolita, or dark victorian style. Elastic waist made to fit sizes Small (0) through XL (12).
  • Dryad Top
    Dryad Top
  • Duchess of Winter V-Kilt
    Duchess of Winter V-Kilt
    $249.00 $189.00
    This kilt is currently available on pre-order, we will be shipping on or before January 15th. Duchess of Winter V-Kilt is an utterly new release we've constructed with feedback from customers and designers here at Verillas...
  • Dusklander Military Jacket
    Dusklander Military Jacket
    This canvas military jacket features a rugged canvas exterior and rows of regimental styled buttons. Comfortable inside with a satin lining, and made ready for adventure.
  • Dusklander Shorts
    Dusklander Shorts
    Hip hugging, cotton canvas adventure shorts! Fully lined with athletic mesh on the inside, featuring zipper pockets to keep your things secure. Every form of adventure fashion requires basic black pieces that tie it all...
  • Eastern Warrior Shorts
    Eastern Warrior Shorts
    Shorts for the free flowing warrior.  Woven cotton material that breathes with a soft gathered cotton waist.  Made for unlimited movement, inspired by classic eastern warrior lore.  Style your thai kick boxer,...
  • Explorer Pants
    Explorer Pants
    $119.00 $49.00
    Explore in style with these form fitting pants. Comfortable, unlike most costuming; these are made for daily wear. Durable, and very well stitched.  Red Queen garments last a long time. Sizing Chart in centimeters. ...

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