Raider Bloodwheel Jacket

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This luxury jacket is ultimately soft and stretchy.  Style it oversized or fitted, any way you want it.  Cut to fit our mens sizing chart but made unisex in such a way as to stretch over any kind of chest / bust shape.  We tagged a complex set of neon prints on these limited edition pieces inspired by cyberpunk cities and gunslingers.  Matching leggings available soon.  The raider bloodwheel emblem is a piece of art you might find tagged all over our story world for the Verillas table top rpg coming... eventually.  It's meaning is a warning to come no closer without offering something of value to the Rustmire first.  It's all about give and take.

What makes this jacket so premium?

French Terry stretch fabric - feels soft and cool, won't make you sweat like poly materials.  

Layered for the warmth of a heavy hoodie without the bulk.

Custom oversized cobra style hood

We used 9 screens per size per hoodie.  The art on these is hand tagged and takes a long time to perfectly place.

Pockets.  Not premium, but worth mentioning.

top shelf zipper - won't break, won't get stuck on its self.  Wax it every few years to keep it running machine gun smooth.

Washable - keep it cold and hang dry to preserve the ink.



Note: This one is soft. You an sleep in it. The material is so worth it. That is all.