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  • Colonel's Wool Military Coat
    Colonel's Wool Military Coat
    $199.00 $99.00
    Classic Military winter coat featuring a heavy weight dark gray wool with a soft black inner lining.   8 Front Button and one collar button design. 2 Buttons on Back with strap which give it a tailored fit in the...
  • Desperado Riders Jacket
    Desperado Riders Jacket
    This leather jacket is covered with intense, hand formed details. Mouton for patch, custom zipper pulls, hand stitched leather stylings, custom zipper pockets, and a custom print lining on silk. Everything about the...
  • Imperial Officer's Coat
    Imperial Officer's Coat
    $199.00 $99.00
    This coat features premium quality faux leather striped details reminiscent of our favorite officers from certain evil empires. Shield yourself from the cold as well as the eyes of your enemies. Sharp, Crisp, modern style...
  • Journeyman Hoodie
    Journeyman Hoodie
    $149.00 $99.00
    This hoodie features a knit, hand stitched exterior that is soft and ultra warm, lined with a super warm and soft fleece interior intended to keep you warm to the max.   Features a tight fitting hood that you can wear...
  • Marine Wool Peacoat
    Marine Wool Peacoat
    $199.00 $99.00
    Classic Military winter coat featuring a heavy weight black wool with a soft black inner lining. 10 Front Buttons and multiple ways to wear the collar. 2 Front Pockets. Made to last you into the apocalypse...
  • Rebel Jacket
    Rebel Jacket
    $199.00 $99.00
    Rugged brown canvas exterior, Post Apocalyptic details that cross over into Steampunk. Leather details and custom zippers give this jacket the look of a favorite, well loved garment that's been through a lot with you. The...
  • Ronin Hoodie by Ayyawear
    Ronin Hoodie by Ayyawear
    $199.00 $99.00
    100% cotton french terry lined with soft cotton jersey.  This ultra unique jacket features a sleek fit cut, nice medium height collar which can be fully zipped up and closed magnetically, detachable zip off/on hood,...
  • Skyfall Coat by Ayyawear
    Skyfall Coat by Ayyawear
    $349.90 $199.00
    Inspired by heros that dwell in shadow, the Skyfall Coat is designed for comfort and silence. Super soft terry cotton exterior with a soft cotton black interior lining. Elvish pointed collar, and zipper styled sleeves. ...
  • Tempest Hoodie
    Tempest Hoodie
    $149.99 $49.95
    Presenting the men's counterpart to our Maelstrom Hoodie: The Tempest Hoodie. This hoodie is soft, lightweight, and perfect for mild winter days or chilly spring nights. It features two front pockets, a detachable hood, and...
  • V-Cargo Vest
    V-Cargo Vest
    $199.00 $149.00
    Introducing the V-Cargo Vest, made of a thick cotton canvas that is both durable and keeps you cool. This premium vest is built for a lifetime of quality whether you wear it to ride or casually. It features 12 functional...
  • V-Recon Hoodie
    V-Recon Hoodie
    The V-Recon Hoodie is where comfort meets style. It's a lightweight hoodie with a soft fleece-like interior, good for chilly fall nights or mild winter days. Made of 100% cotton and features two roomy front pockets...

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