Versatta Unity Pride Hybrid Kilt - 23"

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This version of our Pride Kilt features a new front panel design with D rings as well as a flirtatious embroidered message that says "It's All Good".  And it is, my friend! Happy Pride from the Verillas folks.

We aim to have 100% inclusive sizing. If yours is not here, please email  

The custom Rainbow Pride Box Pleats featured in this design reflects the diversity of the LGBT community, as the Rainbow Flag is often used as a symbol of pride during LGBT rights marches. We are proud to be part of your expression and proud to provide tools with which you can communicate yourself to the world.

This variation of a Versatta Cargo Kilt features an LGBTQ+ Pride themed colorway.  You might like to know that Verillas is Trans-Owned and staffed by a team representing a spectrum of gender identities. It takes a lot more resources to make, but these kilts look amazing and still go with so many different styles of top.

The Versatta series kilt is a rugged alternative to pants with a massively adjustable waist.  Whether you just ripped a set at the gym, or just downed an entire pizza complete with a pitcher of beer, the hidden stretch panel in the back will keep you comfortable. Our kilts also feature removable pockets (yes we sell both canvas and leather pocket upgrades as well as pockets with embroidered icons of all types to personalize your kilt).  The adjustability and modular pocket design is what makes a Versatta product special.  Our Versatta products allow you to affordably accessorize one staple kilt so that you can wear it in a lot of different ways to a lot of different occasions.  Cargo kilts are a core part of ModRen fashion - blending medieval fantasy and gothic elements with every day wear and utility.

We use top quality 20oz cotton-canvas fabric that is made to stand up to even the most rough and tough activity. We custom make the fabric so that our kilts are consistently more comfortable and more durable than most competitors without weighing so much that they are uncomfortable.  

Other Features:

Need a little more room? Our velcro closure will grow or shrink with you. We advertise a four inch range for best fit, but these kilts still look flattering with up to 6" of waist variation before you might ever need to consider a new size.  

Our kilts are made to work with 2.5" wide belts (not your standard jeans belt) but they do not require a belt to fit comfortably and look amazing.  You can cold wash, hang dry, and iron our kilts, but they last for decades if you maintain them and dry clean.

Available in a variety of lengths and waist shapes.  Our 23" length kilt has a straight waist, typically fitting men.  Our 19 and 15" kilt lengths have a tailored (curved) waist which is intended to fit those with a hip-waist difference of at least 1", typically fitting women.  We celebrate gender diversity.  If you need a waist ratio that is not featured here, email us to get your kilt fit just right and we've got your back.

100% cotton 20oz Canvas material

All Clearance Items are Final Sale!