Versatta Leather Cargo Kilt - Ironwood - 23"

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Versatta Series Leather Utility Cargo Kilt

This premium kilt is hand made with 100% cow hide leather. While the material is heavy duty, the design of our kilts uses a small elastic back panel that not only helps increase the size range, but it makes the heavy material feel springy and lighter around your waist.

The Versatta series kilt is our take on a quality modern utility kilt for men and women.  The Versatta series is also known for evolution; we offer tons of ways to change or upgrade your kilt over time, from pockets to belt loop hangers, to belt accessories and sporrans. A 23” drop length to allows for a modest, everyday look. We hand make every one of these with top quality cow hide leather durable enough to stand up to even the most rough and tough activity. The belt and snap front panel closure and stretch elastic waistband allow for a secure, comfortable fit with up to 8" of adjustment in each size. Our signature V-belt loops allow you to pair any Versatta series kilt with your favorite kilt belt up to 3" in width. Removable cargo pockets add versatility and tactical capacity. Verillas also sells interchangeable pockets that you can mix and match to freshen up the look of your kilt over time.

Don't settle for a standard utility kilt, let our Versatta series kilts show what a quality utility kilt can be!


+ 23" Drop Length
+ Top Quality, Durable Cow Hide Leather
+ Hand Made
+ Box Pleats
+ Velcro Front Panel Closure
+ Stretch Elastic Waist Hidden in the Back

+ Removable Leather Pockets

+ Material Content: Genuine Cowhide Leather