Versatta Hybrid Cargo Kilt

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The Verillas Versatta Series Hybrid Cargo Kilt is a must have for any kilt wearer. Featuring a 23" length that hits right below the knees, you can maximize performance during any activity. This modern kilt is constructed with durable heavy cotton-canvas fabric bound to stand up to the tasks of a bold adventurer. The Velcro front panel closure and stretch elastic waistband allows for a secure, comfortable fit with up to 8" of adjustability in each size. Our signature V-belt loops allow you to pair the Versatta Hybrid Cargo Kilt with your favorite kilt belt up to 3" in width. Removable and interchangeable side cargo pockets allow you to personalize your kilt to suit your adventuring needs. Whether you are out on the town or exploring the great outdoors, the Versatta Series Hybrid Cargo Kilt has you covered.

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+ Durable Heavy Cotton-Canvas Fabric
+ Velcro Front Panel Closure
+ Stretch Elastic Waistband
+ Signature 3" V-Belt Loops
+ Removable Pockets

+ Brand: Verillas Versatta Series Kilt
+ Style: VVH1
+ Color(s): Black/Purple, Black/Red, Black/Green
+ Fabric Content: 100% Cotton


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