Versatta Custom Hybrid Kilt - Any Way You Want It

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3 to 6 month production time before shipping. If you pay for 2 day shipping, that applies to how fast FedEx or USPS delivers, NOT the production time. There is no way to make this faster.
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3 to 6 month production time before shipping.  If you pay for 2 day shipping, that applies to how fast FedEx or USPS delivers, NOT the production time. There is no way to make this faster.

The Versatta Kilt is our most common custom request.  Now you can choose a custom length, waist, body color, pleat color, and custom pocket selection.  We hope this will make custom kilts for sports teams, weddings, costumes, and occasions much easier. If what you want isn't in the list, select the $99 upgrade option for pleat color after calling us to make sure we can do whatever it is you can imagine.  From your favorite harry potter house to your favorite sports team, you've got plenty of options to choose from.

Are you rocking a festival? Wearing a kilt on the daily?  Getting married?  We've got style advice and outfit suggestions available on the "lookbook" tab on our main page, or you can call / email us for style advice any time.  Whether it's time for a renaissance faire, music fests, gothic events, or your favorite alternative scene, we're here for you.

These kilts feature over 8" of adjustable waist range because of partial elastic in the back of the waist and a Velcro adjustable closure that won't ever put anything itchy against your skin.  We've designed comfortably positioned removable pockets and a base length of 23" that looks good on most humans about 5'6" or taller, versus a recommended 19" kilt length for shorter humans than 5'6.  Our kilts are all washable by machine, but hang them to dry.  You can dry clean them to preserve the color indefinitely, whereas using a machine dryer will require ironing wrinkles out and potentially fade some of our colors over time.


Material:  The solid colors are a thick cotton canvas. The tartans are a heavy acrylic wool.  If you would like leather or other materials incorporated, this listing is not the correct one. Just call us!


What we can't do:  We can't change the pattern. A Versatta kilt is made to last, so we prefer not to deviate from what we know works really well.  We almost never see a return or complaint about these kilts.  


These kilts, being custom made, are warrantied for 90 days free from defects. This does not cover wear and tear as some customers do amazing things to stress test our products. That means tossing it in the blender doesn't guarantee a replacement! (We're not kidding!) Doesn't fit? We will probably replace it free of charge. Our kilts are remarkably durable and well fitted. If you have a fit issue we will offer an exchange. Kilt lengths can be off by up to 1" when custom cut because some fabric shrinks and we leave a small margin for tailor error. More than 1" in length variation from what you ordered? We will replace it for free.

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