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Boots made modular.  These boots are our most affordable leather line with all the durability and features of our more expensive styles, without the complex aesthetic.  These boots were meant to be loaded with addons:    -  Style a new look with the same boots every season for a lifetime with good leather care and maintenance.


We've been making big awesome boots for a long time and for nearly as long we've been working to craft a tall leather boot with all the badassery expected from Verillas with a more affordable price point than our legendary Monolith Moto Boots. Versatta Heeled Boots are the result of all that hard work - and you're primed to collect on the payoff. Versatta Boots are smooth, hand-crafted leather with upgraded and reinforced eyelets and our custom leather laces. This is the premier model for our new upgraded sole sizing that matches with your expected US shoe size. If you're a Verillas lifer, be sure to check for your standard shoe size instead of the Euro sizing we've used historically. These boots also feature a roomier upper calf fit, paired with a wide tongue behind the laces to have a better chance at containing thiccer stompers.


I wanted to address a quick message about the switch to gender-standard US sizing. This was a decision not made lightly, but the benefits are really important to our customers and to our brand. Returns and exchanges are costly and they ruin the momentum of what is a really exciting moment - buying and opening your new Verillas boots should be an uninterrupted triumph. With our unisex Euro sizing it has too often been a back and forth. Being an e-commerce company interacting with the various search systems and algorithms, there is a pressure toward the general understanding of garment and footwear sizing to function as is expected at all the big box stores.

I want to be completely clear: The gender label on the size of our products is NOT a gender label on the person wearing them. We are a trans-owned company and inclusivity is at the core of our principles. No matter how you identify, we want to make it as easy as possible to rock Verillas gear with confidence. If you run into any friction with this process, please send us an e-mail and we'll do our best to help.


Hey there Verillas fam! We’re so glad you found us and we can’t wait to get our epic gear onto you! We’re all about quality and we’re confident you’re going to love everything you get from us. Just in case, we’ve got you covered with our awesome warranty policy. A return card is included in every shipment to cover instances of warranty claim or return. Our warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship for 21 days after you receive your order. Examples include stitching failure, zipper failure, or something that was not crafted correctly. We do not cover normal wear and tear or damage caused by misuse or neglect such as tears, stains, pet damage, water damage, or puncture. We take pride in crafting our products to the highest standards, but if you do happen to get something that’s not up to par, please let us know ASAP so we can make it right. Our return/exchange policy covers returns for any reason of garments unworn beyond trying on for fit for 14 days after you receive the product. We cover shipping both ways within the US. International returns: You must pay return shipping back to Verillas to return or exchange your item. Items smelling of smoke, sullied by pets, or otherwise returned in a condition such that we cannot resell the item as new will not be accepted. Items returned in this condition can be destroyed, or returned to the sender at the sender’s expense by coordinating via Just give us a shout at and we’ll get you sorted out. We’re happy to process more than one exchange if you need additional tweaking, just pay shipping! Thanks for being a part of the Verillas crew! We can’t wait to see what epic outfits you put together with our gear!