Versatta Blackwatch Tartan Kilt

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The all new 2018 Versatta Series V-Cargo Kilt features a heavier acrylic wool fabric than anything we've made before, and the perfect fit guaranteed.  Up to three inches of stretch in the waist, well deserved after a meal.  The velcro front panel closure allows you up to 8" of waist size change, guaranteeing a fit if you're remotely close to the sizing chart.  Our signature "V" belt loops provide enhanced durability, along with furniture grade thread and an acrylic wool body material made to take a beating.

The best thing of all? Removable Pockets.  The Versatta kilt comes with two removable pockets that come off the kilt and mount on tomorrow's choice of kilt or belt.  Want an upgrade? Our Versatta product family offers interchangeable wallet, phone, and XL cargo pockets in Leather and canvas upgrades of all types.  Just search Versatta in our store.  It all comes together, saving you from the hassle of moving your gear from one garment to another.  Just snap the pockets on to the next kilt.


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