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  • Archon Tunic
    Archon Tunic
  • Courage Tunic
    Courage Tunic
    You're a hero to someone. Look the part. Made of 100% cotton, this tunic is soft and stretchy, giving you the mobility you need. You don't have to sacrifice comfort for style...
  • Darklace Corset Top
    Darklace Corset Top
    Made of body hugging, figure flattering lycra, this shirt feels like a second sexy skin as it moves with your body. Each tank top features metal button accents placed down the center inset in a textured, opaque panel of...
  • Darklace Shrug
  • Dryad Top
    Dryad Top
    Our Dryad Top is made of soft stretch cotton. It is hand prepared with care so that you may enjoy your time out in the world in comfort. This piece features a deep elfen style hood, a specialized braided design on the...
  • Dusklander Military Jacket
    Dusklander Military Jacket
    This canvas military jacket features a rugged canvas exterior and rows of regimental styled buttons. Comfortable inside with a satin lining, and made ready for adventure.
  • Explorer Underbust Harness
    Explorer Underbust Harness
    $49.99 $34.00
    The underbust harness is a great way to add Victorian and Steampunk style over what may otherwise be a plain shirt or blouse. The pictures speak louder than words for this one. Don't be afraid to look great in your next...
  • Floralace Shirt
    Floralace Shirt
    Finely crafted lace shirt with graceful flowing sleeves. This classic has sold out and recently come back into stock. Stretch fit, ideal for a layer under a corset, or an every day top. Compose your post apocalyptic or...
  • Gothic Stripe Corset
    Gothic Stripe Corset
    $59.99 $29.99
    This fashion corset features gothic styling and a highly versatile, figure flattering, waist range per size. Keep calm and lace up, but always remember, Boots First!
  • Hand Dyed Racer Tank
    Hand Dyed Racer Tank
    $59.90 $34.95
    This tank top was hand dyed with love and care in Baltimore, Maryland. The blend of sacred geometry with tribal style elements make this shirt truly amazing. Each one is slightly unique since they are done by hand. Enjoy...
  • Hextech Corset
    Hextech Corset
    Leather corset with steampunk styling and removable clear viles with cork stoppers. Adventure in style, and gather resources as you will.
  • Legion Baroness Corset and Shrug
    Legion Baroness Corset and Shrug
    This leather and satin brocade corset is designed for the modern lady baroness with complex curves, intricate metal details, and figure flattering plastic boning. Limited edition while supplies last.
  • Lock and Key Steampunk Corset
    Lock and Key Steampunk Corset
    $79.99 $29.99
    The Lock and Key Corset is a Steampunk inspired boudoir look. This corset is an underbust cut and features 3 lacing sections for added flexibility. This is not a waist synching corset like some others you may be used to,...
  • Loose Fit V-Tank Top
    Loose Fit V-Tank Top
    This sweet cotton blend tank top rocks the V-Wreath logo off-center. Keep your style simple with this hint of Verillas fashion that you can wear every day.
  • Morganna Top
    Morganna Top
    The Morganna Top is made of 100% cotton, a soft and breathable fabric perfect for spring and summer days. It features lace detailing that matches with many of our other spring products, such as the Hexlace Bloomers...
  • Racer V-Tank
    Racer V-Tank
    Get your Racer V-Tank today and support Verillas Alternative Fashion! This tank is the perfect under layer year round, made of a super soft poly cotton blend. Fitted for maximum movement and comfort.
  • Skulls Boned Corset
    Skulls Boned Corset
    $59.99 $29.99
    This leather corset has a custom skull design tooled into the leather, with light weight corset bones and heavy duty laces to shape your figure as you wish.  Ultra supple, soft, and sleek.  Sizing for these corsets...
  • Skylander Tunic
    Skylander Tunic
    Wear the colors of the skylander, become your destiny. This ultra light weight tunic is an amazingly comfortable under-layer, and an even better thin top for summer weather. Made by hand of a fine, comfortable cotton and...
  • Tri-Buckle Corset
    Tri-Buckle Corset
    $129.00 $29.99
    This corset was designed with a Steampunk look in mind. The vertical black and brown stripes are out our Neo Victorian look book. The back of the corset is fully lace-up and this corset features steel boning for support...
  • Unisex V-Wreath Burnout Hoodie
    Unisex V-Wreath Burnout Hoodie
    This unisex hoodie is form fitting and super thin.  This is a must-have underlayer for your post apocalyptic / dark fashion style.  The ultra soft fabric is semi-transparent in patches, and features a faded...

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