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  • Aetherflow Pants
    Aetherflow Pants
    Free flowing pants made for unlimited movement. Lightweight and comfortable woven cotton material that breathes. Beautiful hand stitched embroidery detail. Elastic one size waist. Fits up to a 44" waist...
  • Alexandar Leather Pants
    Alexandar Leather Pants
    $119.99 $99.00
    Leather pants that hug your figure without the usual discomfort of poorly cut styles. These are made for walking that whole event all day. Stay warm and stay stylish. These pants work with steampunk, victorian, post...
  • Aviator Pants
    Aviator Pants
    $99.00 $79.00
    Black / Coffee colored aviator pants with cutaway thighs that accentuate the figure nicely.  Just enough stretch for the active lady spy, with a soft fabic an aviator can sit in for hours. Mix in with your Post...
  • Blackout Leggings
    Blackout Leggings
    These stretch faux leather leggings feature a tight form fitting style. One size fits most (Sizes Small/0 through XL/12). Elastic comfort fit waist, easily hidden beneath a corset or tunic top.
  • Cargo Thai Pants
    Cargo Thai Pants
    Cotton Thai Pants with a waist apron loaded with pockets! Move fluidly in these all season pants, light as the breeze and plenty cozy.
  • Darkspice Leggings
    Darkspice Leggings
    Darkspice leggings are the perfect sexy under-layer for a short gothic skirt for a lolita, or dark victorian style. Elastic waist made to fit sizes Small (0) through XL (12).
  • Dusklander Shorts
    Dusklander Shorts
    Hip hugging, cotton canvas adventure shorts! Fully lined with athletic mesh on the inside, featuring zipper pockets to keep your things secure. Every form of adventure fashion requires basic black pieces that tie it all...
  • Eastern Warrior Shorts
    Eastern Warrior Shorts
    Shorts for the free flowing warrior.  Woven cotton material that breathes with a soft gathered cotton waist.  Made for unlimited movement, inspired by classic eastern warrior lore.  Style your thai kick boxer,...
  • Explorer Pants
    Explorer Pants
    $119.00 $49.00
    Explore in style with these form fitting pants. Comfortable, unlike most costuming; these are made for daily wear. Durable, and very well stitched.  Red Queen garments last a long time. Sizing Chart in centimeters. ...
  • Hexlace Bloomers
    Hexlace Bloomers
    Made of 100% stretchy cotton with an elastic waistband, these capri style leggings are designed to fit most body types. They feature lace cutouts on the bottom that match our Morganna Top, and the stitching pattern matches...
  • Kater Corset Leggings
    Kater Corset Leggings
    $99.00 $69.75
    It's all about the way they fit you. Kater leggings feature an adjustable corseted back.  Made from Rayon Lycra and Leather, these take yoga pants to the next level.   They will fit you like a second skin and...
  • Laceline Yoga Pants
    Laceline Yoga Pants
    Go with the flow in our new style of flare yoga pants. Handmade with 100% cotton, these pants are comfortable and feature an intricate crochet pattern around the waist. While the material is thin and lightweight, there is an...
  • Mandala Pants
    Mandala Pants
    These pants have a printed pattern inspired by the mandala, symbolizing unity and harmony. It offers the mobility of pants with the flow and comfort of a long skirt. Perfect for positive energy activities such as yoga,...
  • Raider Holster Shorts
    Raider Holster Shorts
    Stretch Denim shorts for the urban adventurer. Featuring a holster pocket affixed to the left leg, with the capacity for a large cell phone, or weapon of choice. Style with your choice of Ayya footwear and figure flattering...
  • Skull Leggings
    Skull Leggings
    It's that time of year! Keep it comfy and keep it spooky with these cotton blend stretch skull leggings. One size fits most.
  • Tea Room Capris
    Tea Room Capris
    $69.99 $45.00
    Victorian styled 3/4 Shorts with ruffle details, made of a poly cotton blend...
  • Tree of Life Pants
    Tree of Life Pants
    These pants have an embroidered pattern inspired by the Celtic Tree of Life, symbolizing nature, harmony, and balance. It offers the mobility of pants with the flow and comfort of a long skirt. Perfect for positive energy...
  • V-Thai Pants
    V-Thai Pants
    V-Thai Pants feature a cross laced hip closure and a thin fabric that breathes well. Conceal your form in these loose flowing pants, ideal for your yoga, ninja, or eastern warrior inspired styles. Made of a thin woven cotton...
  • Verdant Drop Pants
    Verdant Drop Pants
    These pants have a printed pattern inspired by nature. It offers the mobility of pants with the flow and comfort of a long skirt. Perfect for positive energy activities such as yoga, meditation, or general relaxation. Many...

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