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  • Archon Shirt - Black
    Archon Shirt - Black
    The Archon shirt was developed with comfort, fluid movement, and a cross-genre style in mind. Whether your style is Gothic, Post apocalyptic, Forest Ranger, or even every day fashion, this hooded shirt is for you. Pointed...
  • Ashland 7 Vest
    Ashland 7 Vest
    $69.99 $39.99
    This vest features a relaxed fit with an ultra comfy fleece lining. Rugged exterior with an athletic XXXX fabric. Styled for the urban adventurer for all seasons. Protect your core body temp while maximizing air flow...
  • Bujin Tunic by Ayyawear
    Bujin Tunic by Ayyawear
    $59.99 $45.99
    In stock! Ships right away. The Bujin Tunic is inspired by elements of Asian historic garb mingled with more form fitting modern fashion. This tunic is made of a soft fabric, fitted with a tie under the right arm to fit a...
  • Crimson V-Wreath Shirt
    Crimson V-Wreath Shirt
    $10.00 $5.00
    The crimson V-wreath shirt is an acid washed cotton blend.  Comfort fit, with an extremely soft texture. Ring neck, off center custom logo.  The way this shirt looks under a stylish jacket makes it a must-have for...
  • Darkbane Vest
    Darkbane Vest
    This cotton canvas vest features multiple stitched panels giving it a complex level of detail despite looking minimalist from a distance. The perfect understatement of post apocalyptic style. Made to flatter the male figure...
  • Desperado Leather Shirt
    Desperado Leather Shirt
    The desperado shirt is inspired by military post apocalyptic fashion and some of our favorite fantasy story/game series. This jacket is made of the finest cow and sheep leather and features a black star stone inlay. Hand...
  • Drifter Tunic by Ayyawear
    Drifter Tunic by Ayyawear
    $59.99 $45.99
    Featuring a 5 button double fold closure, and a single right hand pocket. Wear a belt about the waist to create a wallet pocket above the belt line. Made of a super soft thin cotton ideal for layering for all seasons...
  • Eastern Warrior Tunic
    Eastern Warrior Tunic
    A loose cotton tunic for the free flowing warrior. Features wooden button accents, a right side pocket, and a left chest pocket. For the colder months, pair it with our Taverner Long Shirt as a stylish under layer for this...
  • Gear-heart Shirt
    Gear-heart Shirt
    $49.98 $29.99
    This athletic ring-neck tee features artwork depicting clockwork insides. The ripped outer layer reveals the artwork inside. Only 4 of these shirts were ever made; this is a very limited edition Verillas Tee!
  • Ghillie Shirt
    Ghillie Shirt
    This soft cotton shirt fits loosely like historic jacobite shirts, or classic Pirate costume wear.  It pairs well with our selection of kilts and fits all ranges of body types.  Available sizes range from Small to...
  • Gothic Military Waistcoat
    Gothic Military Waistcoat
    Fitted black cotton canvas vest with military styled buttons and strap closure.  This vest was designed with a summer weight in mind and it breathes well.  The high collar of this vest makes it look amazing when...
  • Hand Dyed Tribal Tank Top
    Hand Dyed Tribal Tank Top
    This soft, form fitting poly cotton blend tank top T-shirt was designed with help from our friends at Proper Playground. Hand dyed with meticulous care to exude warmth and harmonious energy around the core. Material:...
  • Hybrid Infinity Hooded Sweater
    Hybrid Infinity Hooded Sweater
    This loose fit super soft cotton shirt features an infinity neck lined with subtle color. The neck can be pulled up and worn as a hood. Enjoy the highest standard of stitching quality and ultimate comfort on this dual lined...
  • Journeyman Hoodie
    Journeyman Hoodie
    $149.00 $99.00
    This hoodie features a knit, hand stitched exterior that is soft and ultra warm, lined with a super warm and soft fleece interior intended to keep you warm to the max.   Features a tight fitting hood that you can wear...
  • Leyline Tunic by Ayyawear
    Leyline Tunic by Ayyawear
    $69.99 $45.99
    The Leyline Tunic features a custom neck trim, including a pair of lost feathers that symbolize freedom. The chain was specifically selected to avoid pinching or catching, and the customized sleeves feature our brass...
  • Men's Verillas Logoless V-Neck
    Men's Verillas Logoless V-Neck
    $10.00 $5.00
    Super soft Cotton Blend shirts fitted to flatter your guns and minimize your waist line. Standard relaxed fits with a subtle V-neck. Masculine simplicity made to last. Layer up, Winter is Coming. Featuring a special limited...
  • Renaissance Tunic
    Renaissance Tunic
    The Renaissance Tunic is a soft woven cotton shirt, perfect for comfort and activity. The cotton material is designed to keep you cool and it's loose fitting to give you flow. It pairs well with any of our kilts, thai pants,...
  • Skylander Tunic
    Skylander Tunic
    Wear the colors of the skylander, become your destiny. This ultra light weight tunic is an amazingly comfortable under-layer, and an even better thin top for summer weather. Made by hand of a fine, comfortable cotton and...
  • StarBlade Tee by Proper Playground
    StarBlade Tee by Proper Playground
    $59.90 $34.95
    The Starblade Tee is a hand dyed poly cotton blend shirt, with original one of a kind hand made art by Proper Playground in MAryland, USA.  Each shirt is slightly unique.  Geometric shapes join forces to create...
  • Taverner Long Shirt
    Taverner Long Shirt
    This simple and soft handmade collared shirt is printed with subtle traditional eastern designs. Each color features its own unique pattern. In the colder months, the Taverner Long Shirt makes a great layering piece for our...

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