Verillas Kilt Hangers

$11.00 - $32.99
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Keep your Verillas kilts looking pristine with Verillas Kilt Hangers. We've tested dozens of styles of hangers to bring you the best for kilt hanging. Featuring a high quality wood base with soft non-slip felt strips to protect your kilt from scratches and dents, and a 360° swivel hanging hook. These hangers are recommended for light to medium weight kilts (such as our tartan, cargo, and hybrid kilts). A hanger designed for heavyweight leather kilts will be coming soon! 


+ High quality solid wood base
+ Non-slip felt strips
+ Anti-rust chrome metal
+ 360
° swivel hook 
+ Locking mechanism to keep it in place
+ Verillas stickers
+ They're neat
+ You can't tell me that's not a feature