Venetian Breeches

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Wait....these bones.....they're FRESH. There's nothing even wrong with this item....but the PRICE....

You rolled a 20 on your investigate roll and found one of our cheeky Easter Eggs. Enjoy the insane discount on A-stock quality Verillas.

The Verillas Venetian Breeches were made for the renaissance. Woven cotton material that breathes with a soft gathered cotton waist. Made for unlimited movement, inspired by 16th century historical breeches. These look amazing with over-knee socks and a loose flowing top for a variety of historic European styles.


+ Durable Woven Cotton
+ Breathable
+ Stretch Elastic Waistband

+ Brand: Verillas
+ Style: VAQP
+ Color(s): Black, Orange, Green, Purple
+ Fabric Content: 100% Cotton

Size S/M L/XL
Waist Range (in inches) 28"-38" 32"-44"
Length (in inches) 26" 28"

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