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Special Orders cannot be canceled or refunded 48 hours after being placed. Delivery will take 3-4 months on average. Boots are made in the order of purchase date.

Skyfall Boots are a new Verillas style taking elements from our best selling classics and offering an even lighter, more comfortable version.  Where we usually work in leather, this boot is made of the same canvas with which we make Versatta kilts, with high quality custom made faux leather paneling.  These boots share the same V-Tread soles as our other models and the same goodyear welt-stitch technique that makes the soles replaceable and provides reliable durability.  With a waterproofing spray, these can offer many of the same benefits as leather boots even in wet camping conditions.  Please note that the colors other than all black were photoshopped, as this will be our first production run in colors other than all black.  The exact fabrics we are using are the same as those you can see on; a 20oz cotton custom dyed to our in house colorways.  This means they will reliably look good with other Verillas and Versatta outfits as the colors are matchy!


+ Goodyear Welt Stitched V-Tread Sole

+ Signature soft panel at the ankle for flexibility

+ Logo Zipper or Zipperless Option

+ Custom nylon backed grommets to prevent shoe lace wear and make lacing up easy

+ Quality Black Faux Leather

+ Fully lined inside

+ 20oz cotton canvas custom dyed

+ Nylon laces and anodized logo detail included

+ Boot Shaft Height: 16.5" to 17", depending on foot size.

+ Boot Heel Height: Men's: 1" - Women's: 1.5"

+ Custom cast buckles

+ Custom Cast logo on the Calf

+ Round Toe

Special Orders cannot be canceled or refunded 48 hours after being placed. We will remake your item if we fail to meet the color and size specifications you chose! If you provide incorrect measurements, or change body shape/size during your wait, we will still remake your item for a 10% fee the first time, and a 50% fee if you need a third remake due to customer info error. Items damaged in transit are the buyer's responsibility to collect insurance from the shipping agency selected if applicable. Items with defects can be sent back for repair / replacement on a case by case basis within 7 days of receipt. Email to let us know if we made a mistake and we will make your item right.
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