Rustmire Battle Kilt

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This kilt is a prized relic. Rustmire is a barren, inhospitable wasteland that takes a toll on all who tread there. This kilt began its journey as a crisp, perfectly jet black cotton canvas Versatta Gothic Kilt with shiny chrome hardware. It has become something else since. This is for the wastelander. The burner. The Mad Max inspired rugged adventurer looking for a garment with as much fortitude and character as they themselves possess. 

The Versatta series kilt is our take on a quality modern utility kilt. A 23” drop length to allows for a modest, everyday look. We use top quality cotton-canvas fabric that is made to stand up to even the most rough and tough activity. The hook-and-loop front panel closure and stretch elastic waistband allow for a secure, comfortable fit with up to 8" of adjustment in each size. Our signature V-belt loops allow you to pair any Versatta series kilt with your favorite kilt belt up to 3" in width. Removable cargo pockets add versatility and tactical capacity.

Don't settle for a standard utility kilt, let our Versatta series kilts show what a quality utility kilt can be!


+ 23" Drop Length
+ Top Quality, Durable Cotton-Canvas
+ Styled Leather and Metallic Accents
+ Metallic Key Hook
+ Chain Included
+ Knife Pleats
+ Hook and Loop Front Panel Closure
+ Stretch Elastic Waistband
+ Signature 3" V-Belt Loops 
+ Removable Cargo Pockets

+ Brand: Verillas Versatta Series Kilt
+ Color: Black w/ Distressed Chrome
+ Material Content: 100% Cotton-Canvas Body, Leather Accents, Distressed Chrome Metallic Accents