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Verillas Prototypes, Clearance, and Occasionally items worn once in a photo shoot.

  • Alexandar Leather Pants
    Alexandar Leather Pants
    $119.99 $99.00
    Leather pants that hug your figure without the usual discomfort of poorly cut styles. These are made for walking that whole event all day. Stay warm and stay stylish. These pants work with steampunk, victorian, post...
  • Archon Shirt - Dust & Malachite
    Archon Shirt - Dust & Malachite
    $49.97 $39.00
    The Archon shirt was developed with comfort, fluid movement, and a cross-genre style in mind. Whether your style is Gothic, Post apocalyptic, Forest Ranger, or even every day fashion, this hooded shirt is for you. Pointed...
  • Aviator Pants
    Aviator Pants
    $99.00 $79.00
    Black / Coffee colored aviator pants with cutaway thighs that accentuate the figure nicely.  Just enough stretch for the active lady spy, with a soft fabic an aviator can sit in for hours. Mix in with your Post...
  • Black & Gray Hybrid V-Kilt
    Black & Gray Hybrid V-Kilt
    Modern Verillas V-kilts are made to last. Hybrid Kilts are a two-tone style with tons of extra stitching. We are known for items that cost a few dollars more for top quality. Please order 2-4" larger than your normal US...
  • Black & Tan Hybrid V-Kilt
    Black & Tan Hybrid V-Kilt
    $189.00 $99.00
    Smooth, like the frothy brew it's named for, sturdy and fulfilling. Raise a pint of the good stuff in absolute comfort with our premium Hybrid V-Kilt. Featuring cargo pockets, adjustable waist straps, reinforced stitching...
  • Blackout Leggings
    Blackout Leggings
    These stretch faux leather leggings feature a tight form fitting style. One size fits most (Sizes Small/0 through XL/12). Elastic comfort fit waist, easily hidden beneath a corset or tunic top.
  • BT Condol Belt
    BT Condol Belt
    BT Condol features top shelf cow leather, genuine buffalo horn fittings, custom cast metal grommets, and a custom buckle maid of a leather braid-set turquoise stone of epic magnitude. Real feathers adorn the clasp, giving...
  • BT-Croc Belt
    BT-Croc Belt
    BT Croc is the kind of accessory that makes the most basic outfit look expensive. Features a reptile shell buckle and segmented construction . The amount of hand stitched detail, hand fatigued leather, and custom metal...
  • Classic Tri Buckle Kilt
    Classic Tri Buckle Kilt
    The classic tri-buckle kilt has a medieval look about it, with a comfort fit and three leather buckle closures. Soft and lined inside, comfortable whether worn at the hips or up on the waist. Choose your size based on your...
  • Darklace Shrug
  • Darkspice Leggings
    Darkspice Leggings
    Darkspice leggings are the perfect sexy under-layer for a short gothic skirt for a lolita, or dark victorian style. Elastic waist made to fit sizes Small (0) through XL (12).
  • Darksuede Medieval Gloves
    Darksuede Medieval Gloves
    These medieval style gloves are made from a top shelf supple suede textured cow leather. Hand stitched with a wide leather lace closure . These gloves are super soft. Ideal for moderate cold protection while leaving your...
  • Explorer Pants
    Explorer Pants
    $119.00 $49.00
    Explore in style with these form fitting pants. Comfortable, unlike most costuming; these are made for daily wear. Durable, and very well stitched.  Red Queen garments last a long time. Sizing Chart in centimeters. ...
  • Explorer Underbust Harness
    Explorer Underbust Harness
    $49.99 $34.00
    The underbust harness is a great way to add Victorian and Steampunk style over what may otherwise be a plain shirt or blouse. The pictures speak louder than words for this one. Don't be afraid to look great in your next...
  • Gothic Stripe Corset
    Gothic Stripe Corset
    $59.99 $29.99
    This fashion corset features gothic styling and a highly versatile, figure flattering, waist range per size. Keep calm and lace up, but always remember, Boots First!
  • Hand Dyed Racer Tank
    Hand Dyed Racer Tank
    $59.90 $34.95
    This tank top was hand dyed with love and care in Baltimore, Maryland. The blend of sacred geometry with tribal style elements make this shirt truly amazing. Each one is slightly unique since they are done by hand. Enjoy...
  • Hextech Corset
    Hextech Corset
    Leather corset with steampunk styling and removable clear viles with cork stoppers. Adventure in style, and gather resources as you will.
  • Hybrid V-Micro Kilt
    Hybrid V-Micro Kilt
    $49.92 $34.99
    This cotton canvas version of our famous Hybrid V-Kilt features a 10-12" drop depending on waist size. The ultimate fit for a sexy style this summer. Hand stitched pleats, and a soft hand selected material. Limited quantity...
  • Kids Cargo V-Kilt
  • Kids Tri-Buckle Blackwatch Kilt

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