Myrmidon Chainmail Kilt

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We are proud to present a new creation, a year in the making.  The Myrmidon Chainmail Kilt unites a precision cut of our high quality leather and the Versatta series durable cotton canvas with a hand-linked chainmail apron. Anchored at the waist with a three-buckle system due to the weight of the stainless steel links, this kilt balances comfort and substance but is certainly heavy enough to feel the strength and presence of this commanding kilt. This kilt's canvas and leather body was made at our primary factory, whereas the chain links were installed by Kightly Creations of Virginia, USA.  


  • Riveted flat rings
  • Detachable Apron so that the main kilt body can be washed and hang dried
  • Versatile fit system for a few inches of waist range
  • Made in cooperation with one of our Locally Crafted partners.

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