Monolith Moto Boots

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The Verillas Monolith Moto Boots are hand-crafted, over the knee boots made from the highest quality of real leather. The soles are made with a 1" lift to the heel and a minor platform to the ball of the foot. Designed for comfort and walking, with soft spot made of suede textured fabric at the Achilles tendon that bends with your ankle movements fluidly. Heirloom quality made to last a lifetime with proper care.  Our customers say that our boots are a little lighter weight than most, which makes them easier on the knees for long term wear.  Our leather is a dual layer thin shave which is durable enough to last decades (we have some pairs that old around the office still) but it breaks in a lot easier than your typical rugged leather boots without causing damage to your skin.  As long as you wear good socks, you heathen.

Every pair of Monolith Moto Boots comes with a pair of black flat leather laces with metal tips and branded metal V tabs. We also offer a green and purple faux leather lace pack (also with metal tips) for $24.99 to give your boots a pop of color. Lace length is automatically selected for you based on the style of boot and your shoe size. If you have a preference of lace length, let us know in your order notes and we will do our best to accommodate. 

Loving your boots is about more than wearing them - it's also about storing them properly. Boot Display Stretchers are a lovely way to display your boots in your home and help them keep their shape. They help avoid creasing from being flopped over, and make it easier to perform leather care (like moisturizing the exterior with leather lotion). For an additional $24.99 we will include a set of 2 plastic stretchers with your order.

Optional Add-Ons:

+ Green / Purple Lace Pack (2 Pairs) | $24.99
swatch-green-leather-laces.png swatch-purple-leather-laces.png
+ Boot Display Stretchers (1 Pair) | $24.99


+ Quality Cowhide Leather
+ Individually Hand Made
+ Water Resistant - can be made more so with leather-safe treatments
+ Lace Front Closure
+ Boot Heel Height: 1"
+ Round Toe

+ Rivet Type May Vary
+ Black Laces with Metal Accent - as of 2020, all Monolith Boot colors come with black laces with a silver metal accent. 

+ Brand: Verillas
+ Style: MMB
+ Colors: Classic Black with Silver, Giant's Blood with Brass, Nightshade/Black with Brass

*Calves were measured on both the tightest and the loosest settings.