Leatherneck Hybrid V-Kilt

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Fulfilling a request that we could simply not deny. We relish the opportunity to present our definitive hybrid kilt style featuring the United States Marine Corps tartan at long last.

This kilt is battle ready, featuring reinforced stitching and our double action V belt loops. We've de-emphasized our V-wreath logo on the pocket but it's still included so there's no question about the quality, construction and authenticity of your investment.

We take great pride in our ability to offer this kilt for our USMC affiliated friends and we hope to be able to do the same for the other branches of our armed forces when the interest and availability line-up as they have for this kilt.

Thank you for your service and for giving us the opportunity to provide you with ours!

We are in the process of transitioning our kilts from a two strap design to a reinforced one strap. We have found that the one strap offers a better fit and more comfort. Currently, we still have some of our two strap kilts mixed with our newly improved design. If this particular element of the product is important to you, contact us at info@verillas.com and we will do our best to accommodate your request. 


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