Leather Drake Helm

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A dragon-knight inspired helm, the ultimate detail to complete your LARP, medieval, gothic, or other fantasy-inspired style.   Made of layered cow leather, scraped ultra thin for light weight and flexibility.  Studded for affect and well stitched to outlast you.  The interior panel is lined with an absorbent and soft material for comfort regardless of temperature.  An elastic panel allows for almost 6 inches of stretch so that one size fits most.  



+ Handmade in Virginia, USA by our in house crafters

+Soft, flexible, high quality cow leather for wearable comfort 
+ Plated brass hardware details
+ Synthetic and nonabsorbent felt lining that allows the helm to stay in place on any hair texture, and keeps you cool and comfortable 
+ Adjustable elastic ties for a true "one size fits all"

Size One Size
Minimum Circumference 19.5"
Maximum Circumference 25"
Face Frame Length 7.75"