Hybrid Tartan V-Kilt in Royalist, Size 30

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Our premium Hybrid V-Kilt features a fully upgraded lineup of features. This is a custom tartan only available at Verillas. This one has our striking Royalist Tartan pleats.

Reinforced high capacity cargo pockets with custom button snaps.
Double reinforced V-belt loops.
Comfortable, breathable acrylic wool full body construction, including the pleats.
Siege ready quality - all seasons, all activities, a kilt as relentless as you.

A note about kilt sizing! Our kilt size is strictly in inches. If you use your US Jean's size, you will want to add 2-4 to it. So, example. You wear size 28, 29, OR 30 Levi's jeans, this means you should purchase a size 32 kilt from us. 

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