Hand Dyed Batik Sarong

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Verillas has partnered with The Silk Road Traders, a boutique design house in Stuart, VA, to bring you soft and casual womenswear. 

Our Sarongs are hand dyed using the traditional Indonesian Batik style. The Batik dyeing technique is a many step process. First the base layer of dye is applied to the whole piece. Then dye resistant wax is used to draw on the pattern. The piece is dyed again after that. Then, the wax is removed, revealing the beautiful pattern underneath. Due to the fact that these are hand dyed, some variation is expected. 

These sarongs are beautiful, colorful and unique. And they are a high quality rayon that is colorfast and durable! 

We’ve used our sarongs everywhere! As scarves in the cool months, as wraps at the beach and around bonfires, as dresses for a night out, as table cloths and curtains, even as a cloth for picnics or dancing barefoot on in the sand. 

Sarongs are 45 inches wide by 75 inches long, and 100% rayon. 

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