Elderwood Kilt

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Elderwood Kilt emerges from the dark heart of the forest scintillating with awesome power. This is a Mythic level kilt constructed of the finest of materials in every possible way. Our high test cotton canvas brushed smooth and silky, supple flexible leather sections for accents, stainless metal details and two removable pockets that use our MOLLE system - you will instantly find room for them all over your wardrobe and certainly on every Versatta series Kilt in your collection. This is the dress to impress kilt. Formal occassion? Elderwood. Club night? Elderwood. Ritual of the clandestine kind that can not be spoken of? Elderwood Kilt. The peak and the pinnacle of ModRen style in our kilt category.

Pair it with Elderwood Boots, or the darker flavors of Bramblewood Boots for an even deeper connection to the true source.