Deadlands 10 Pocket Backpack

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This classic double strap backpack is made of the finest, softest cow leather.  Featuring custom cast Verillas logo details with the minimalist aesthetic of our deadlands collection.  The carry handle at the top is reinforced, and the backpack straps are adjustable.  Various pockets feature magnetic, zip, and snap closures all over the bag so that you can stay organized while getting around.  Deadlands style is all about sleek, black, simple colorways with complex sewn panels and tons of features.  Blend this bag into your gothic, post-apocalyptic, or nightcore styles.  This item is legendary quality, given our highest standards from our best craftspeople.  


Bag Dimensions Length Depth/Width Height
Outer 12.5" 7" (bottom)
3" (top)
Main Compartment 12" 7" (bottom)
3" (top)
Inner Card Pocket 6.5" 0.25" 6.5"
Front Pocket A 4" 1.5" 9.5"
Front Pocket B 4.5" 0.25" 9"
Side Pocket A 5.5" 2" 8"
Side Pocket B 4.5" 1" 7"
Side Pocket C 4.5" 1" 5"