Darkbane Glovelets

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The gloves for taking matters into your own hands. Darkbane Glovelets are the most flexible form of our Epic level leather gauntlets with a wide open finger slot and coverage stopping before the meat of your forearm makes longer gloves difficult to fit.



+ Durable Leather Exterior
+ Comfortable Fleece Lined Interior
+ Intricate Details


+ Brand: Verillas
+ Style: VDBGL
+ Color(s): Black
+ Material Content: Leather Exterior, Fleece Interior


Size XS S M L XL 2X 3X 4X
Palm 7" 7.5" 8.5" 9" 9.5" 10" 10" 10.5"
Wrist 6" 6.5" 7" 7.5" 8" 8.5" 9" 9"
Length 7.25" 7.5" 7.5" 7.75" 7.75" 8" 8.25" 8.25"

To get your palm and wrist measurements, measure around your palm above your thumb and measure directly around the wrist. Measurements reflect the actual garment size, so allow yourself some room for a looser fit, or go closer to your physical measurements for a more snug fit.