Bramblewood Gauntlets - Dragonseye

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 Palm   19cm   20cm 21.5cm  23cm  24.5cm  25.5cm  26.5cm  27.5cm
 Wrist   20cm   21cm  21.5cm 22cm 23cm  24.5cm  25.5cm  26cm 
 Mid Forearm   25-28cm  26-29cm 26.5-29.5cm 27-30cm 28-31.5cm 29-35.5cm 30-34cm 31-35cm
 Upper Forearm   28-32cm  29-33cm 30-34cm 31-35cm 32-36cm 33-37cm 34-38cm 35-39cm
 Palm Length   12cm   12cm  12cm  12.5cm  12.5cm  12.5cm  13cm  13cm
 Total Length   44cm   44cm   45cm   45cm   46cm   47cm   48cm   48cm 

Heroic Bramblewood style has arrived for another equipment slot. These premium leather gloves are a balance of features - zippers for fast one person setup on one side, custom laces on the other to help you calibrate the fit to your forearms. The other balance is having sturdy, action ready leather that is also flexible and comfortable to wear for long days at the Faire, festival or event. Our designers and artisans thread the needle perfectly to arrive at a pair of gauntlets to match our legendary boots of the same name. 


+ Durable Leather Exterior
+ Comfortable Fleece Lined Interior
+ Intricate Details
+ Zip and Lace Closure

+ Brand: Verillas
+ Style: VDBG
+ Color(s): Dragonseye (Green), Black with Giant's Blood (Burgundy), Black with Nightshade (Purple), Black with Ironwood (Brown)
+ Material Content: Leather Exterior, Fleece Interior

+ Sizing chart indicates your hand measurement. Order based on which size best represents your measurements.
+ These gauntlets are leather and will form to your hand over time, so a snug fit is recommended.
+ DO NOT force your hand into the glove. If the glove does not go on easily, you need to size up. 

+ Palm, wrist, and forearm measurements represent width. Palm is measured around the top of your hand, over your knuckles. 
+ Palm and total length are measured from the tip of your middle finger to the wrist and to the longest point of the glove at the elbow.
- If you need assistance with sizing or an exchange, you may contact customer service at
(Actual glove measurement is 1cm larger than the sizing chart indicates to allow for proper fit and ease.)