Bramblewood Booties - Black

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Bramblewood booties are a hand made work of art.  These legendary drop heels have hand rolled leather paneling that makes of a sleek elvish design.  Based on our knee high Bramblewood Boots, meant to emulate fantasy elvish armor, these booties provide a more feminine look blending that armored style with something every-day appropriate.  In 2023, we switched to a new grommet style to prevent leather-yawning that has nylon backings and a firm placement.  In 2022 we upgraded to sewn-in soles so that they will last for ages with proper care.  Our top shelf supple leather exteriors are lined inside with a comfortable, soft material that doesn't get swampy after a long day. The tongues of our boots have been reshaped to accommodate  both very thick and very slim ankles.  These boots are the product of ten years of re-engineering our footwear to take epic product design and give it legendary durability.  We present to you:  Bramblewood Booties. 


Heel Rise: 4.5"

Sizing Chart: See image Carousel

Insole: Padded interior insole

Ankle Size: Very adjustable