Aethervale Hair Clips (Set of 2)

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Aethervale Hair Clips are a durable yet elegant choice for Fae in any setting – be you riding to a ballroom or trekking to a bonfire. Hand-crafted in Virginia by our in-house designer with a spark of inspiration from Carnival Row, they are assembled and function unlike any other costume headpiece you will find. Your Aethervale Hair Clips are flexible and easy to wear.

Meticulously crafted from tulle and organza, your wing hair clips are safe to wear in festival and convention settings regardless of weather. They are extremely flexible and cannot be bent out of shape as lesser constructs would be – as a result they take up minimal space while being stored or transported. They are incredibly durable and long-lasting when properly taken care of – those in search of novelty or costume style items likely did not delve this far.

How to care for your tiara:
- Store in a cool dry place. Wing hair clips can become damaged if exposed to more than 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Do not leave in a hot car or near a heat source. 
- The wings can be spot cleaned by blotting with a damp wash cloth, do not scrub. Let air dry.

+ Handmade in Virginia, USA by our in house designers, Kaia and Elyse
+ Flexible and easy to wear
+ Attached hair clips
+ Weather resistant base

+ Brand: Verillas 
+ Color: Nightshade/Black
+ Material Content: Tulle and organza base, painted with non toxic airbrush paint