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Verillas is proud to announce our partnership with Medieval Moccasins! Featuring several gorgeous medieval styles, these moccasins are a perfect match for Verillas pieces such as the Renaissance Tunic, Medieval Tunic, Venetian Breeches, and more.

A Short Boot with Roman Flair!

Adventurous and edgy, this calf-high short boot offers high style. All the comfort and support of an enclosed shoe but still a perfect fit for showing off your pedicure! When the weather gets chilly, try the slightly steam punk flavor of wearing them with knee (or thigh!) high winter socks or stockings. Historically inspired by the footwear of soldiers in the Roman legions, these handmade leather boot hark back thousands of years and they’re still sure to make a statement in any modern setting! Vini, vidi, vici, Aeri!


Shoe “Care & Feeding” Instructions from Medieval Moccasins

With a little care, your Medieval Moccasins should give you years of comfort and wear!

Adjusting your Shoes:
Our shoes are designed to hug the foot in comfort and support. Keep them snug! Adjust the rosette at the toes of our Celtic
Styles by loosening the double knot. Place your foot in the shoe, making sure your heel is all the way back in the shoe.
Customize the moccasin to your foot by tightening the rosette to the width and shape of your foot. To keep a glove like fit and
ensure your shoes’ longevity, remember to readjust the rosette and the laces as the leather stretches to prevent your foot from
sliding around in the shoes. Our Gladiator Styles do not have a rosette but are still adjustable. Simply tweak the tension in the
laces to maintain proper placement and support.

Regular Leather:
*Machine Wash. Cold water, delicate cycle, no soap or detergent. We recommend using a pillowcase or lingerie bag to prevent
the laces from tangling.
*Air Dry. Never put your Medieval Moccasins in the dryer! You can stuff the toes with tissue paper to help wick away moisture
*Moisturize. Use lotion or leather conditioner at least 2x per year, and after each washing. Don’t forget the laces. If leather
looks dry, dull, or cracked, it needs to be conditioned! Mink Oil, Neet’s Foot Oil, or Lexol is ideal, but you can use hand lotion
or even Vaseline.

Suede Leather:
*Brush with a suede brush and beat shoes together when dusty. Suede can also be machine washed if necessary, but it can
appear stiff when it dries. Follow regular leather washing instructions and then brush when dry to revive the pile and restore the
velvety finish. The leather will soften again when worn. If conditioning is needed, it can be applied to the inside of the shoe to
avoid affecting the finish. To keep suede looking fresh, we recommend treating with Scotch Guard as per manufacturer’s

Metallic and Specialty Finishes:
*Wipe leather with a soft, damp cloth (or baby wipes!) to preserve shine. Machine washing can damage/affect the metallic
finishes and is not recommended as it may wear away, scuff or dull the metallic coating.
*Moisturize with lotion or leather conditioner as usual and whenever the leather seems dry.

*Leather is an organic material. Natural variations in texture and color add uniqueness to the finished shoes, and should not be
considered flaws.
*Keep shoes away from extreme heat! It is harmful to the leather and the neoprene sole!
*We do NOT recommend wearing your Medieval Moccasins into the ocean, as saltwater can destroy the leather. If you do wear
them in saltwater, be sure to completely rinse the leather after EACH exposure and moisturize them thoroughly afterwards.
*Keep the shoes snug! Adjust the laces and rosette as needed when the leather stretches!

Size Length(in)
5 8 7/8″
6 9 1/8″
7 9 1/2″
8 9 7/8″
9 10 1/4″
10 10 1/2″
11 11 1/8″
12 11 5/8″
13 12″

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