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Accoutremants for the Verillas Adventurer

  • Shadow Goggles
    Shadow Goggles
    Ultra comfortable goggles for the modern drifter. Style your look after Max Max or your favorite Post apocalyptic fiction with these shadow shades...
  • Shaman Belt Pocket
    Shaman Belt Pocket
    $499.00 $250.00
    Leather belt, custom metal details, and a triple zipper pocket all in one. Custom snaps that allow this belt to fit a wide range of waist sizes up to 38".
  • Skulls Scarf
    Skulls Scarf
    This woven scarf is the top shelf of gothic accessories.  Custom hand carved skull beads, and a tight weave that is great for all seasons.  Doubles as a hood that pairs excellently with a little black dress.
  • Steampunk Mono-Goggle, Functioning Hatch and LED Tube Light
    Steampunk Mono-Goggle, Functioning Hatch and LED Tube Light
    Prepare for the ultimate crowd inspiring steampunk look. This monogog has a functioning front hatch and a tube style color changing LED light! The light turns on and off by clicking the bulb. The strap comes in black, or...
  • Steamride Sunglasses - Steampunk Round Optics
    Steamride Sunglasses - Steampunk Round Optics
    $49.95 $24.95
    Large round rimmed sunglasses designed as a prototype for Verillas. Leather trim with Comfort fit arm bands. These look great on a wider face.  They look kind of Willy Wonka on a narrow face. Brought to you thanks to...
  • Studded Naga Circlet
    Studded Naga Circlet
    The Naga circlet is constructed with top quality leather and hand tooled metal details. It is built onto a flexible base so that it will adjust to the fit you need to wear it.It fits nicely as a circlet or as an awesome...
  • Tartan Kilt Flashes
    Tartan Kilt Flashes
    These kilt flashes come in popular tartans that match Verillas Kilts.  Snag this elastic comfort fit kilt flash pair, with velcro adjuster, and roll your socks down over the elastic to cover it.  Easy to wear, and...
  • V-Kilt Pin
    V-Kilt Pin
    Hold it all together. Rep your favorite kilt company with a Verillas kilt pin.
  • V-Tread Yoga Socks (2 Pack)
    V-Tread Yoga Socks (2 Pack)
    These comfy yoga socks feature cut out toes and a non-slip grip on the bottom, making these perfect for movement or just everyday. Available in black and purple. Comes with 2 pairs of a color of your choice.
  • Vial Cuffs
    Vial Cuffs
    $34.99 $24.95
    This steampunk arm band features detachable viles with corks. The band is made of leather and has a velcro closure around your arm that is highly adjustable.
  • Warlord Hooded Scarf
    Warlord Hooded Scarf
    Warlord is about forging a future of his own design not resting on the laurels of distant heritage. This hooded scarf is made of woven weathered cotton designed with post apocalyptic looks in mind. It features two ribbon...
  • White Ridgeback Gauntlets
    White Ridgeback Gauntlets
    $69.95 $19.95
    Verillas White Ridgeback Gauntlets lace to fit your arm while sporting highly articulate fingers and a very comfortable crimson red lining.  These are extremely durable and worthy of any swordsman's armor kit.  Add...
  • Woven Cotton Scarf
    Woven Cotton Scarf
    This square cut scarf ties about the neck, folded over into an imperfect triangle. Doubles as a fold-over into a rectangular hip scarf, or a triangular waist accent. Woven Cotton

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