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Accoutremants for the Verillas Adventurer

  • Leather Ashigaru Stash by Ayyawear
    Leather Ashigaru Stash by Ayyawear
    $199.00 $169.00
    A bag that fluctuates in capacity, comfortably rests on your shoulders, or morphs into a sling bag. A custom carved Ayya hook keeps the bag flat unless you need the additional capacity. Let it loose, and the bag expands into...
  • Mini Shaman Bag by Ayyawear
    Mini Shaman Bag by Ayyawear
    The ultimate traveler's accessory, made to outlast you. Features two main pockets, plus two shoulder strap pockets perfect for a cell phone or extra cash. This bag is a miniature backpack, able to fit a small tablet and...
  • Mocho Bag
    Mocho Bag
    This leather bag is made of the finest supple sheep leather, with studds and custom cast closure. The theme of the bag mixes geometry with naturalist claws and teeth build into the closures. Multiple interior pockets,...
  • Modern Adjustable Kilt Belt
    Modern Adjustable Kilt Belt
    This hefty kilt belt features a velcro interior lining so that you can adjust it to any size from 28 to 50" using the Celtic styled buckle that is included. Our buckles come in two styles: Celtic Knot and Four Points. Made...
  • Naga Belt
    Naga Belt
    2.5" wide top shelf python skin textured belt, ideal for supporting a heavier garment or pouches worn about the waist. This belt also makes a flattering waist belt for flowing long shirts and tunics. The Naga Belt is crafted...
  • Newsboy Hat
    Newsboy Hat
    This wool newsboy hat is made from top quality 11oz wool with a comfortable inner lining.  Just enough stretch to fit all heads, even with a healthy mane of hair. Keep a low profile with this slick steampunk /...
  • Nexus Sunglasses - Steampunk Flip-Up Optics
    Nexus Sunglasses - Steampunk Flip-Up Optics
    Flip-up Steampunk Optics that come in three different frame colors. Yes, Many eyewear shops can put your prescription lenses in these, but we cannot make any guarantees except our refund policy. Comfort fit for all face...
  • Nightfeather Purse
    Nightfeather Purse
    The Nightfeather Purse comes with infinite cuteness for the owl loving wearer. Store your awesome things in this shoulder bag and prepare for an onslaught of compliments from strangers! Made of real, supple, soft leather...
  • Pandora Wallet
    Pandora Wallet
    This top shelf cow leather wallet features a bi-fold multi pocket form with tons of subtle pockets and features. Made for convenience with a durable leather form and braided leather detail. Never go anywhere unprepared...
  • Pin Lock Sporran
    Pin Lock Sporran
    This sporran is made of top shelf cow leather with a decorative celtic design in the leather and a pin lock. Attaches via a belt and chain system through the belt loops on the back of your kilt.
  • Razorpine Gauntlets
    Razorpine Gauntlets
    Comfortable, blood red fleece fabric lined gauntlets with a top shelf real leather exterior. Made to outlast you, with comfort and style in mind . Fingerless for nimble dexterity. Zips up the spine for quick on and off...
  • Razorpine Lacedown Gauntlets
    Razorpine Lacedown Gauntlets
    $99.00 $64.95
    Comfortable, blood red fleece fabric lined gauntlets with a top shelf real leather exterior. Made to outlast you, with comfort and style in mind . Fingerless for nimble dexterity. Laces down the inside of the arm for a blend...
  • Ridgeback Gauntlets
    Ridgeback Gauntlets
    $99.00 $64.94
    Verillas Ridgeback gauntlets lace to fit your arm while sporting highly articulate fingers and a very comfortable lining.  These are extremely durable and worthy of any swordsman's armor kit.  Add them to your Post...
  • Ridgeback Leather Gloves
    Ridgeback Leather Gloves
    Ridgeback Gloves are made from real top quality soft supple leather,  with a signature zipper back and double protective snaps. Shooters, Archers, Motorcycle Riders, these gloves were designed with you in mind...
  • Ridgeback Mittens
    Ridgeback Mittens
    $69.00 $34.50
    Ridgeback Mittens, inspired by the best selling style of our Ridgeback gloves. Made of a water resistant exterior and a super warm soft fleece inside with top shelf leather details and paw tips...
  • Shadow Goggles
    Shadow Goggles
    Ultra comfortable goggles for the modern drifter. Style your look after Max Max or your favorite Post apocalyptic fiction with these shadow shades...
  • Shaman Belt Pocket
    Shaman Belt Pocket
    $499.00 $250.00
    Leather belt, custom metal details, and a triple zipper pocket all in one. Custom snaps that allow this belt to fit a wide range of waist sizes up to 38".
  • Skulls Scarf
    Skulls Scarf
    This woven scarf is the top shelf of gothic accessories.  Custom hand carved skull beads, and a tight weave that is great for all seasons.  Doubles as a hood that pairs excellently with a little black dress.
  • Sol Flare Mono-Goggle
    Sol Flare Mono-Goggle
    Gear up and be ready for anything with the Sol Flare Mono-Goggle. Ultra light weight with a comfort fit strap. 
  • Steampunk Aquatech Harness
    Steampunk Aquatech Harness
    $69.95 $55.00
    Leather tri-strap harness with an LED lightup chest detail inside of a cage closed by a locking pin. The door swings open to reveal your mechanical heart. Press the square lighting harness to turn the light on, again to make...

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