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Accoutremants for the Verillas Adventurer

  • Ayyawear Swivel Key Ring Hook
    Ayyawear Swivel Key Ring Hook
    A hand carved swiveling hook design that hooks onto a belt loop. Attach your keys to the ouroboros figured ring. Also useful as a clasp for craft closures. Designed by Ayyawear USA, cast, and hand finished. Available in...
  • Bloodlander Warband
    Bloodlander Warband
    Stand out with the Bloodlander Warband. Wear it as a hip scarf, or try it as a head scarf. It's made from 100% cotton and dip dyed by hand giving each warband a slight variation. The material is thin and sheer making it...
  • BT Condol Belt
    BT Condol Belt
    BT Condol features top shelf cow leather, genuine buffalo horn fittings, custom cast metal grommets, and a custom buckle maid of a leather braid-set turquoise stone of epic magnitude. Real feathers adorn the clasp, giving...
  • BT-Croc Belt
    BT-Croc Belt
    BT Croc is the kind of accessory that makes the most basic outfit look expensive. Features a reptile shell buckle and segmented construction . The amount of hand stitched detail, hand fatigued leather, and custom metal...
  • Canvas Ashigaru Stash
    Canvas Ashigaru Stash
    A bag that fluctuates in capacity, comfortably rests on your shoulders, or morphs into a sling bag. A custom carved Ayya hook keeps the bag flat unless you need the additional capacity. Let it loose, and the bag expands into...
  • Celtic Studded Sporran
    Celtic Studded Sporran
    This sporran is made of top shelf cow leather with metal studs and decorative celtic design in the leather on the front. Attaches via a belt and chain system through the belt loops on the back of your kilt.
  • Classic Black Sporran
    Classic Black Sporran
    This traditional black sporran is made of top grain cow leather, hand stitched, and ready to wear over your favorite V-Kilt. The chain belt straps are easy to wear and look great with our classic kilt belts.
  • Classic Kilt Belt
    Classic Kilt Belt
    This kilt belt is extra wide to fit the longer, reinforced belt loops on our kilts.  The dual prong buckle and reinforced metal eyelets make this a great buy for an affordable price.  Made of sturdy, thick cow...
  • Dune Hip Bag - Sahara Edition by Ayyawear
    Dune Hip Bag - Sahara Edition by Ayyawear
    The dune hip bag features a 2 setting magnetically closed pocket with a zipper pouch inside. Just the right size for makeup and your cash stash, and buckled onto your true waist. The belt comes in 3 sizes, ranging from 32"...
  • Dune Leg Bag
    Dune Leg Bag
    Handmade leg bag / holster made with a very soft goat leather. Customized zippers and studs. Adjustable size. Red satin lining inside, with divided interior pockets and an interior zip pocket big enough for your passport. ...
  • Dusty Brown Travel Scarf
    Dusty Brown Travel Scarf
    This black and brown cotton woven scarf is thin enough for all seasons but warm enough to trap your body heat through a mild winter. Keep the dust from your gob, and the chill wind from your neck. Doubles as a hip sash that...
  • Expedition Leather Hat
    Expedition Leather Hat
    A great outfit is often completed with the right hat.  This leather, lined, fancy hat features a decorative faux tooth lined band on the brown version. The black version features a band with metal accents.  The...
  • Florapaw Arm Warmers
    Florapaw Arm Warmers
    These velveteen arm warmers feature a comfy cotton interior with a subtle printed floral pattern. The material is a bit stretchy, allowing these warmers to fit most sizes S-L with a thumb whole to keep them in place. They...
  • Gunslinger Stash - Limited Edition
    Gunslinger Stash - Limited Edition
    $299.20 $149.00
    This is a finely handcrafted leather bag ideal for carrying a concealed firearm or everyday accessories. Keep your most important possessions ready at your fingertips. This bag is made by Ayyawear, and will last an eternity...
  • Gunslinger Stash - Special Vegan Edition
    Gunslinger Stash - Special Vegan Edition
    $299.20 $149.00
    Made with Faux Leather - Polyurethane based leather imitation material free of animal products! This bag ideal for carrying a concealed firearm or everyday accessories. Keep your most important posessions ready at your...
  • Hexalite Conductor Hat
    Hexalite Conductor Hat
    This hat is made with a fine custom fabric, featuring an elastic fitted band, and an iconic poof to the top that is reminiscent of a train conductor. Easy to hide your hair within. Style with Ayya custom jewelry and...
  • HexGear Mono-Goggle
    HexGear Mono-Goggle
    This leather bound Mono-goggle features an LED internal light and a dark neo-victorian style. Made with top quality real metal components.
  • Hextech Goggles with Functioning Magnifiers and Polarized Lens
    Hextech Goggles with Functioning Magnifiers and Polarized Lens
    Real leather straps, Real functioning magnifiers that adjust and rotate, and a sweet interchangeable set of polarized lenses. Upgrade your steampunk style to real metal parts and comfortable fitted leather. Headgear is the...
  • Hookshot Bandolier
    Hookshot Bandolier
    This bandolier adds pockets to your pants, skirt, or kilt by clipping on to your belt loops or D-rings. Features adjustable length, two zipper pockets, and custom cast metal details and hook attachments. Made of black...
  • Kilt Bandolier
    Kilt Bandolier
    Kilt Bandolier, the ultimate cargo solution for all kilts equiped with D-rings or belt loops. Adds two pockets sized appropriately for most cell phones, wallets, and even certain small firearms. Always be prepared. Made of...

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