2-Piece Coyote Fur Cape 1

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This cape is made of two real coyote fur pelts, hand stitched in the USA and made to last. Renaissance faire goers and cosplay artists, this is just what you need around your shoulders. 

A message from the artist:

Everything that can be used from the animal is used. No animal was harvested just for its fur in these pieces. The coyote is sourced from Nebraska, Pennsylvania, and Canada. They are a population controlled animal across the United States. The fur and bones are a byproduct, and should be used to their fullest potential, to honor that animal who gave its life.

Measurements are approximate; due to the unique cuts of the pelt and the way the garment lays across the shoulders, it is meant to fit a wide variety of body types. 
32" length
25"+ Shoulders

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