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Verillas Prototypes, Clearance, and Occasionally items worn once in a photo shoot.

  • Tri-Buckle Corset
    Tri-Buckle Corset
    $129.00 $29.99
    This corset was designed with a Steampunk look in mind. The vertical black and brown stripes are out our Neo Victorian look book. The back of the corset is fully lace-up and this corset features steel boning for support...
  • V-Cargo Hybrid Micro Kilt
    V-Cargo Hybrid Micro Kilt
    $59.92 $40.00
    This cotton canvas version of our famous Hybrid V-Kilt features a 10-12" drop depending on waist size. The ultimate fit for a sexy style this summer. 2 cargo pockets that snap shut make this a functional and ultra...
  • Vajra Moto Lowcut Boots - End of Run - Clearance
    Vajra Moto Lowcut Boots - End of Run - Clearance
    $299.00 $199.00
    End of Run Clearance! Sizes in the menu are the only sizes available. Exchanges come from remaining stock, if an exchange is not available store credit toward other products can be given for returns. Begin your journey with...
  • Vajra Tabi Lowcut - Black Silver Size 49 - by Ayyawear
  • Vaquero Boots
    Vaquero Boots
    Custom leather boots with snake skin details and sheep leather braided wraps on a ruber and leather sole platform. Custom case metal details, hand made...
  • Verillas Logoless Burnout Tee
    Verillas Logoless Burnout Tee
    $19.95 $9.99
    Super comfortable tri-blend burnout tees! Fitted like classic american brands, but ultra cool with our Verillas logo hidden inside the neck.  Crafted by request, for those who don't like to wear bold logos.
  • Vexen Corset by Verillas
    Vexen Corset by Verillas
    This fashion corset features a black mesh texture that leaves little to the imagination. Perfect for sexy cosplays, post apocalyptic styles, and gothic compositions. Get your limited edition Vexen corset today before it's...
  • Vial Cuffs
    Vial Cuffs
    $34.99 $25.00
    This steampunk arm band features detachable viles with corks. The band is made of leather and has a velcro closure around your arm that is highly adjustable.
  • Victorian Blouse
    Victorian Blouse
    $60.00 $39.90
    Steampunk / Victorian ruffle top with an optional fitted neck frill. Sizes run small by about one full US size.
  • Victorian Propeller Top
    Victorian Propeller Top
    $59.99 $34.99
    Dinner with the Captain on an East-bound Zeppelin on a balmy summer evening in the south Atlantic. This stunning blouse features sheer gauze sleeves that terminate in matching frilled cuffs. The trunk of the shirt is...
  • Wayweather Coat - Small
    Wayweather Coat - Small
    $600.00 $150.00
    This high end coat is hand dyed in a two tone green with red hues. It features suede detailing and uniquely designed buttons/snaps. There are two front pockets that snap closed, and a zippered right breast pocket. This coat...
  • White Ridgeback Gauntlets
    White Ridgeback Gauntlets
    $69.95 $34.95
    Verillas White Ridgeback Gauntlets lace to fit your arm while sporting highly articulate fingers and a very comfortable crimson red lining.  These are extremely durable and worthy of any swordsman's armor kit.  Add...
  • Wicked Skirt
    Wicked Skirt
    $44.95 $29.99
     A little bit of alt fashion flair around an old fashion standby: the form fitting black mini-skirt. Made of durable but soft sustainably grown bamboo rayon, the Wicked skirt is an environmentally friendly high fashion...
  • Wispen Corset
    Wispen Corset
    $59.94 $29.99
    This finely made corset slims the figure with an ethereal style and fine white gossamer details. Includes a corset and a waist ruffle that sits underneath. Plastic boned for a fashion grade support (this is not a training...
  • Women's Gothic Military Waistcoat
    Women's Gothic Military Waistcoat
    Made of a soft inner satin lining and a cotton canvas exterior, soft enough to flatter the figure but durable enough for years of every day wear. Features double breasted front with classic silver buttons. Twin zipper...
  • Women's Verillas Logoless V-Neck
    Women's Verillas Logoless V-Neck
    $19.95 $9.99
    Ultra comfortable logo free cotton blend exterior, ready for snuggle weather.  Vibrant colors, and a sweet Verillas V-wing neck print hidden on the inside, for those who don't like bold logos on their shirts.
  • Wrestler Tabi - by Ayyawear
    Wrestler Tabi - by Ayyawear
    End of Run Clearance! Sizes in the menu are the only sizes available. Exchanges come from remaining stock, if an exchange is not available store credit toward other products can be given for returns. Custom Tabi for the...
  • Zilla Jacket Size US Small Prototype
    Zilla Jacket Size US Small Prototype
    This one of a kind leather jacket was made by 14th addiction, long ago when Verillas carried many brands in it's store. This prototype features a news print tan lining inside with a silk texture and a sheep leather exterior...

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