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  • Outlaw V-Kilt
    Outlaw V-Kilt
    Free of the shackles of tradition the Outlaw Kilt is the next level of V-Kilt for the adventure-seeker who embraces style and comfort while discarding societal norms. We've upgraded the component parts of this premium kilt...
  • Raider Thai Pants by Ayyawear
    Raider Thai Pants by Ayyawear
    One size fits most! The waist extends to 44" as the maximum down to as small as you'd like. The fit is comfortable at any size, we've constructed it with a loose, open flow for all body types. Thai pants made from layered...
  • Rebel Jacket
    Rebel Jacket
    $199.00 $149.00
    Rugged brown canvas exterior, Post Apocalyptic details that cross over into Steampunk. Leather details and custom zippers give this jacket the look of a favorite, well loved garment that's been through a lot with you. The...
  • Royal Stewart Tartan V-Kilt
    Royal Stewart Tartan V-Kilt
    $149.00 $74.50
    The Royal Stewart V-Kilt features the Stewart family tartan (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Royal_Stewart_tartan) , made all the more popular by american rock and metal performers over the last two decades. It is one of few...
  • Royalist Hybrid V-Kilt
    Royalist Hybrid V-Kilt
    This Hybrid Royalist Edition V-Kilt features the Stewart family tartan (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Royal_Stewart_tartan) , made all the more popular by american rock and metal performers over the last two decades. It is...
  • S-Pants by 14th Addiction
    S-Pants by 14th Addiction
    $269.00 $159.00
    Ultra loose fit mens workout pants. Hand braided leather waist closure. Zipper Pockets, Button closure pockets, and easy access open pockets. Leather trim with a very soft suede-like texture. Fitted at the ankle for comfort...
  • Samurai Jacket by Ayyawear, Custom Stock
    Samurai Jacket by Ayyawear, Custom Stock
    $999.00 $349.00
    The ultimate in durable, soft, comfortable leather armor. This medium thickness jacket is like a second skin. This run of jackets was produced for photo shoots. Some of these jackets have been worn by a model for about 15...
  • Skyfall Coat by Ayyawear
    Skyfall Coat by Ayyawear
    $349.90 $199.00
    Inspired by heros that dwell in shadow, the skyfall coat is designed for comfort and silence. Super soft terry cotton exterior with a soft cotton black interior lining. Elvish pointed collar, and zipper styled sleeves. ...
  • Skylander Tunic
    Skylander Tunic
    Wear the colors of the skylander, become your destiny. This ultra light weight tunic is an amazingly comfortable under-layer, and an even better thin top for summer weather. Made by hand of a fine, comfortable cotton and...
  • Spiral Tabi Lowcut - End of Run Clearance
    Spiral Tabi Lowcut - End of Run Clearance
    $299.20 $149.00
    The ultimate in heirloom quality. These will outlast department store shoes five fold. These are made of genuine cow leather, thick stock, with classic Ayya designs. Thin custom tread tabi soles, with durable leather armor...
  • StarBlade Tee by Proper Playground
    StarBlade Tee by Proper Playground
    $59.90 $34.95
    The Starblade Tee is a hand dyed poly cotton blend shirt, with original one of a kind hand made art by Proper Playground in MAryland, USA.  Each shirt is slightly unique.  Geometric shapes join forces to create...
  • Tartan Kilt Flashes
    Tartan Kilt Flashes
    These kilt flashes come in popular tartans that match Verillas Kilts.  Snag this elastic comfort fit kilt flash pair, with velcro adjuster, and roll your socks down over the elastic to cover it.  Easy to wear, and...
  • Taverner Long Shirt
    Taverner Long Shirt
    This simple and soft handmade collared shirt is printed with subtle traditional eastern designs. Each color features its own unique pattern. In the colder months, the Taverner Long Shirt makes a great layering piece for our...
  • Tempest Hoodie
    Tempest Hoodie
    Presenting the men's counterpart to our Maelstrom Hoodie: The Tempest Hoodie. This hoodie is soft, lightweight, and perfect for mild winter days or chilly spring nights. It features two front pockets, a detachable hood, and...
  • Tri-Buckle Blackwatch Kilt
    Tri-Buckle Blackwatch Kilt
    The classic tri-buckle kilt has a medieval look about it, with a comfort fit and three leather buckle closures. Soft and lined inside, comfortable whether worn at the hips or up on the waist. Choose your size based on your...
  • Unisex V-Wreath Burnout Hoodie
    Unisex V-Wreath Burnout Hoodie
    This unisex hoodie is form fitting and super thin.  This is a must-have underlayer for your post apocalyptic / dark fashion style.  The ultra soft fabric is semi-transparent in patches, and features a faded...
  • V-Cargo Pants
    V-Cargo Pants
    V-Cargo is a canvas medium weight poly-cotton style with a comfortable interior.  The rugged exterior is sleek to avoid movement restriction.  This material hides spills well relative to other fabrics, and stands...
  • V-Kilt with Cargo Pockets
    V-Kilt with Cargo Pockets
    $149.00 $99.00
    Modern Verillas V-kilts are made to last. We are known for items that cost a few dollars more for top quality. Please order 2-4" larger than your normal US jeans size or measure your waist in inches to choose a size (Size 30...
  • V-Recon Cargo Pants
    V-Recon Cargo Pants
    Cargo pants with a paramilitary style and a leisurely comfort. Leather trim on cotton canvas body, with a breathable weight for all seasons. Available in Navy Blue and Crimson Red.
  • V-Tank Top
    V-Tank Top
    This soft cotton men's tank top features a light gray V-wreath logo. Loose comfort fit, classic US sizes.  Thank you for supporting our Alt Fashion...

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